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About This Website

Welcome to the International Law Enforcement Academy, Roswell (ILEA-Roswell) Website!  In this site you will find basic information about the ILEA-Roswell program for potential students as well as anyone else who is curious about the program.  Please explore this information across the top menu.   

This site is also the central place where current ILEA-Roswell program participants and alumni can remain connected and continue to learn from one another well after the courses are complete and participants return to their home offices.  By the end of the 1st year we expect that this site will have approximately 400 members from law enforcement offices around the world representing a wealth of knowledge and experience for sharing ideas and best practices, reaching out for opinions, and asking questions and advice.  Please plan to come to this site regularly for newly available resources that are designed to directly support you as you apply the teachings in the classroom back home in your daily work and evolve to address the changing needs of the community.