Especially in eps 6 i am tired already then i skipped and watched ep 9, what's that eun tak attitude to play hard to get and run away from home like that? She has this brightness and wittiness in her that the goblin finds interesting. Lets see how its end! Tristan Dec 30 2016 6:01 pm I don't see the sense in that. @alexander my point exactly.dry your tears people its obvious you will get your happy ending. lucy Dec 19 2016 5:36 am Overall 8/10, Shin Oct 03 2019 8:39 am There's not much chemistry between the leads too. No other actress and actor could possibly comes near to them in terms of acting ability and apart from also being a great ambassadors for korean dramas. The humour was perfectly timed. beautiful face or handsome face is not guarantee that she/ he can acting well. gameofthrones Dec 14 2016 10:52 am It sounds beautiful so I hope you can help me. I like Yoo In-Na. I just realized that gong yoo and kim go eun filming in another miss oh location, memorable wall hahaha. More. Sitta Dec 15 2016 4:31 am Heirs was too cheesy for me, sorry. EW even creepier. HAN Jİ MİNNN. Thanks! Every single actors are amazing. She is very talented. After putting much efforts to criticize someone, on top of that, someone's appearance just because she does not have the expected perf face like other Korean actresses, don't you realize that your damn grammar is such a mess? Eheh. I cannot sit still while watching bc i was afraid he'll die at the end! Did i miss that part. What I mean with this long text is, take your damn mirror before you judge someone else. This drama is interesting enough. After seeing Scarlet, Wanted, Signal, 38 Task Force, Jackpot, The K2, Mirror of the Witch, Another Miss Oh, Cheese in the Trap and W-Two Worlds I never thought that I never gonna love some kdrama, so much this year, but Goblin is so good, so entertaining, so different from others k-dramas...the humor, the script, the actors every and each of them are so good on his own character...i'm so tired with the same old trick, the same old korean drama script in which I already know what the girl and the boy are gonna do or say, so boring...that kind of drama in with every little thing is making such a big deal of it, that kind of drama in which he or him remembers something it happens like 2 minutes ago, and I like what the heck...that kind of drama in which the writer himself didn't know in what direction is the story moving...I'm very very disappointed of The Legend of The Blue Sea, I'm sorry for Lee min Ho (really love u) but that drama is so damn BORING...the writer is so bad, that drama doesn't have good replicas, doesn't have good script, good directing, It is so childish that makes me wonder why to watch ? hotlikeme Dec 10 2016 2:34 am Gina Dec 17 2016 9:09 pm She was 24 years old. There are glaring inconsistencies w/ this drama & judging by how the plot's lack of dramatic evolution, we may not see those inconsistencies dealt w/. not just that scene, but many scenes keep repeated.. Shelley Wigham Jan 01 2017 11:48 pm Marina Aug 27 2016 8:10 pm Kim eun sook ahjumma I havebeen along time be your fans. i could feel he has worked hard for this role, and yoo inna put right portions in her role. what i like about them, gong yoo is one of actors who can potray his characters with expression of his face, lee dong wook is different in here, it feels like he come back with new challenge and he nails it. asea Jan 22 2017 8:27 am Don't change anything from the plot just keep doing what you've been doing, I don't want the drama to end up like cheese in the trap. 1st episode is darbak from action fantasy comedy romance in one episode. She never whine too hahaha. And to the STAFF, salute you all guys, keep up the good works. @zayn, EXACTLY! There are many other poor girls in k-drama who did not ask money from others :D for example the heir, although i do not really like the story, but the main lead who is the maid's daughter did not ask $$ :D secret garden, she is poor and she got dignity and she works as a stunt woman, and many other examples.. 2. precious trash Nov 19 2016 10:47 am Goblin really really recommended, especially for fantasy's lover and like anti mainstream's storyline. sych Dec 05 2016 3:10 am Otenga Dec 21 2016 1:42 pm I wish I can ship gong yoo and Kim go eun to be a real couple, too bad Go Eun is taken :/.. Gong Yoo my love. And also the 'bromance' between mr. goblin and the grim reaper. Everyone, listen this drama currently is set in 2008. my thoughts are them fast forwarding to 2016 in later episodes. Overall, Goblin is one of my top favorite K-drama so far. No, he is only invincible to human eyes when he wears the hat. In real life, when two people are in love they will push through with it even against the consent of others. But in a good way <3 and the dynamic between grim reaper and the goblin is entertaining lol, smryoon Dec 06 2016 8:43 pm The ending was not clear..we want more..please make season 2 for this.. it was amazingly created! The cast and their portrayal of characters is on point. After the King died, his spirit drink the tea, forget his memory and become grim reaper. I feel like they need to explain the past a little although I know they are building on that I just wish they would reveal bits here and there and keep us interested. LOL! thank u'@sasha .only one person said she wasnt pretty(she is entitled to her opinion) the rest just want her to mature(it means they are waiting for the future) and some dont feel the romance and its okay people,its not the end of the world,people agree to reply series ,the heirs,school 2015 and the producer people were divided interms of who they like although the entire cast was let it be and enjoy. Why I watched this? You nailed it! I love you Gong Woo! W4GRB.average_rating=new Array(); seeing lee dong wook offered as supporting actor put me on shock cauz LDW stared his past dramas as the main male lead. The ghosts seems to remember him still... 5) Is the class president, Eun Tak's classmate related to the Goblin in anyway? Happy New Year btw. Am giving it 5/10. Premise looks good, the story is entertaining and follows their world's rules. I hope Dong Wook and In Na gets paired for another series. Published. It won't happen in real world anyway. I still love the ship between her and the goblin though!! Risa Jan 22 2017 9:30 am @sangnamja. Oh well...if y'all take off those rose colored sunglasses blinding you w/ admiration maybe you'd actually be able to help the writer improve her dramas next time by giving her useful feedback like specifics on why her drama rocks or sucks. And she's not ugly just too plain to be the main girl here. Thank God that the writer's finally accept the director choice..if not I don't think anyone could portray the grim reapers the way dongwook did..gong yoo show us how yo be charm yet funny..Kim go eun became more and more cute than the first ep but her acting became my focus..with her cute voice she nail it..sungjae and other actor complete the this piece making it one of the most amazing,stunning and thrilling drama ever.. Lola Jan 08 2017 9:19 pm !PLS DONT REPLY TO MY STATEMENT ITS MY OPINION IT WONT CHANGE JUST BCOZ U ARE MAD...DEAL WITH IT .Fighting evryone, blitzkerg Dec 05 2016 4:01 am but for Goblin, they went ahead of me in viewing it, all of them give it a high remark which is i don't listen to other's opinion in all aspects. Just my guess. Yoo inna Aug 27 2016 5:32 am Drama Theory, Descendants of the sun is one of her masterpiece that is provenly so amazing. cycy Dec 22 2016 7:45 pm However i feel that the story just move the pace a bit intense as it go from rom-com into a melodrama genre . They are sizzling & mysterious & hence, more interesting to watch, Tarie Dec 11 2016 4:26 am The ages of goblin and eun tak were clearly defined and things about them are working out good so far as to where the story is going. i can watch this drama if he is the second lead actor , i might have the second lead syndrome huaaaaaa , i support both lead actors but why dongwook, Zara May 29 2016 4:04 am (together with a few others). The problem is she is just too young looking and her beautiful, Korean face does not suit Gong Yoo. Their bromance was oozing with chemistry so as their loveteams. I like the drama because the 4 cast are actor/actress not idol and they are not a newbie in drama. aGYlover Dec 22 2016 4:00 am makes me laugh and cry at the same time. When I read your comment I noticed the same things and it made sense, however I thought of it more and this is my conclusion. The pace is slow, to dilute the simple main plot. Author. Poppi101 Dec 30 2016 9:39 am I can't wait to see episode 2! She did mention about creating Eun tak and Kim Shin too.. Hahahhaaa, Gita Apr 21 2016 9:55 pm (i think it means 'lonely and bright: Goblin'), Putri Oct 30 2016 8:26 pm This is my most favorite K drama. And don't start complaining the age gap. Serena Jan 04 2017 10:02 am You know how long I've been waiting this good looking man to be back to dramaland, and yet you make me broken heart before it starts :( :( :(, Ashley Jul 27 2016 9:17 pm I really love it. I had high hopes w/ him playing lead & I had higher hopes when I saw Dong Wook's probably gonna be his wing-man. @Ismiyana why you are confused then they are not in 2016 if u calculated from 1998 to 2016 maybe they are in 2008 instead ? Haha! I like how the storyline is so different and something new. Diana Dec 12 2016 11:29 pm If the drama centers itself too much on the romance between the two main leads, it will lose ratings. and Deok-hwa character too, he's so funny. Daisy Apr 24 2020 3:24 pm mewryloh Dec 12 2016 6:49 pm I’m convinced that grim reaper is the young king while sunny is the reincarnation of young queen. I think, since goblin wont ages anymore, it will be eun tak who get older. But.. @lulu lol are you judging by physical appearance ? i think i can't move on.. From episode 4, shin Apr 01 2017 5:44 am Anna Jan 05 2017 11:21 am A refreshing storyline wt heartfelt moments & colourful humour! I wonder who is the Granny@lady in red. Joy all the way !! I've lost count of how many times I've already watched this drama, but can't stop myself from watching it again and again. Unfortunately I don't like lead actor (I don't know him) but after 1 ep I think that his acting skills are ok but now I just focus on storyline! I wish the writer had written a real happy ending for Ji Eun Tak and Kim Shin after they are married. I don't ever know what would I do without it after the next week. I hate this writer to make weak heroines who gets help from rich guys. I will carry this in my heart for my entire life. Musikarea Jul 20 2020 5:14 am You said kimeunsook's drama was boring or blablabla. I love this drama. Fullheart5 Mar 27 2017 2:29 pm @Kara YESSSS! and last, kes writernim, bcs goblin i really love fantasy genre moree than ever, its fun when u can imagining something. One billion thumbs up! 3. she use expresion same like this character.. Clingy, not too innocent, weak but bit fox, bright smile, and carefree... just my opinion... GE acting is good in this drama... but her body is bit disappointing for me... kidding.... hahahaaa. Why would supposed 900 year of general who I am sure met thousands of amazing people in 900 years fall for this girl who is basically plain girl who lacks any special qualities? rina Dec 02 2016 2:35 pm Song hye kyo please.. The problem is actors/actresses are cast more based on their popularity (it''s always about the viewership pull which equals to high ratings = more sponsors = more profit) so if you think producers & sponsors give a big hoot abt your age-gap gripe, think again. Enna Jan 06 2017 1:44 pm mooz Jan 06 2017 1:48 am yybb Feb 06 2017 10:06 am If not for their acting, cinematography, and OST, the viewers will definitely see its faults hidden neatly behind said gimmicks that undiscerning audiences fall for. I am not kidding. The OST suit so well in every scene! What I find disturbing is that, whereas the male lead may be, a CEO, a doctor, a prince or a goblin, the main female character in the vast majority of dramas is always Cinderella. and Dennis watch the last episode please .... it's worth it ?? Really love this couple! Selene Dec 21 2016 5:41 pm The Lonely Shining God – Goblin) is a South Korean television series starring Gong Yoo in the title role with Kim Go-eun, Lee Dong-wook, Yoo In-na, and Yook Sung-jae.It was shown on the cable network tvN from December 2, 2016, to January 21, 2017. Until she knows that Kim Shin is a Goblin, she keep asking money because Goblin can grant all the requests. The story, the cast and the scenery is beautiful. Way more interesting than the main couple! ? Enjoy the show for rest of you. dokkaebi Jan 26 2017 3:48 am Her Dec 19 2016 11:51 am quincebee Nov 24 2016 3:08 am quincebee Apr 20 2016 10:15 pm but...why's Yoo In Na here too :( good drama, good lead actress and actor,but unfortunately... hate the second couple. willy Jan 26 2017 2:29 pm thank you, writter nim, director nim, cast, and staff, for making this drama. Gita Jul 12 2020 5:05 am it's so hauntingly beautiful! He is a person who lifes for 900 years, he looks "boring" because he is old-fashioned. Closer to the present day, Kim Shin has waited 900 years for a human bride to end his immortal life. SNS Dec 07 2016 8:56 am She was still in (or will soon graduate/just graduated) high school as well. Brother and Sister? This is a great come back drama for Gong..awesome acting for KimGo-Eun / Lee Dong and all actress/actors.. It's not a competition and shouldn't be one. But Amongst all, Eun Tak is the only one cry alot, whine a lot. KES ahjumma and the crews of Goblin fighting!! And they even keep acknowledging this in the drama, so I hope there's a time jump or something soon because am not feeling the romance at all. Omg i really love watxhing this korean drama i love the story@all the cast they are all cute nice acting.esp. 11/10 recommend, Mita Aug 01 2017 11:40 pm Fantasy drama or not, shldn't we still look at the messages being sent out esp to young viewers or could it be you simply don't care? for me, this drama feels like a rollercoaster, full packed and unpredictable. Dec 13 2016 7:04 am I Dec 20 2016 1:50 am Ost great, and Quebec is sure beautiful place ,but the storyline and the cast are not my cup of tea. She makes the whole atmosphere lighter. XD if this is true, i hope there will be romantic scene and story behind kim sohyun (the queen) and kim min jae (the young king). and he is kim sun(sunny) brother? you'll never regret watching this drama. It was like I was watching a Hollywood movie. hehe. Eun-Tak is a child and Goblin looks to be in mid 30's but actually is around 900 years old. But i can't still move on the soundtrack. i'm so excited to see Gong Yoo back Really like this drama- love the music, wardrobes and actors! The romance between the Grim Reaper and Sunny is poignant and heart wrenching. 2) Guest Role. I am a fan of the actress though and am happy to see she can act totally differently to her other roles which highlights her acting skills. My theory is is that since, like that have stated in episode 1, he usually leaves for quite a long time, I think that he's going to leave for 10 years and that would make her 29 when he comes back, which will make her more mature, but that just theory of mine. Na Sep 17 2016 8:01 pm Gong Yoo? Jin Jan 22 2017 5:36 pm .. I'm just really love Goblin. One of the best drama in this year . Anyway, GY & LDW has more chemistry than any of the other couples & it would be good if they can do an action movie together. Sure, the writer could've made it so that instead of Goblin & Eun Tak meeting when she's 19, they could've met when she's 25, That way the writer could've avoided all these self-righteous hypocrites attacking her drama esp those labeling Goblin as a pedophile. She is curious about why a goblin who basically has everything still feels lonely for the goblin's pov I think he has never met someone like eun tak in the 930 plus years he has lived and genuinely cares for her. (Do you guys remember the scene when she and young dukhwa passing by, then dukhwa grow older while the granny grow younger?) Just kidding. In all their interactions she avoids his left side and is shown on his right which makes me think she saw the sword and just did not bring it up. Ia pun sempat berperan di KDrama Solomon’s Perjury bahkan menjadi model video klip BTS untuk lagu With Seoul. Linda Jan 01 2017 1:31 pm He looks much older than Kim Go Eun, so as a couple, they really don't look good together physically. Amee Jan 08 2017 2:49 pm Please let them get married it will Just balance it out. It made me think easy and hard, it also made me cry rivers of tears. it is the combination of my most favorite genre of a drama,. or completely a human who his folk is goblin turn to human after get married with human? this drama give me many memory to remember, from the story, from the teamwork, etc. Some characters, like Sunny or Duk-Hwa, seem to be not exploited to their full potential, while others have an unclear role, too definite to be casual but basically inconsequential. OMGGG Gong Yoo, Lee Dong Wook and also Yook Sungjae in one drama??!?!?!? I just pay attention to what they have to offer. I apologize for my reaction but this drama is very good, Sakura_1022 Mar 13 2017 11:15 am I have expressed similar views about my impression so far on what I've observed the directions this drama seems to be taking. 왕여(王黎) ( Wang Yeu) Koryu King name, Mya Sara Dec 27 2016 9:34 pm I love it. The lyrics like. WAAAAAAAAAAAY To much/over the top focus only on the main pair which is boring! I'm already halfway through the series, it's fine but it's not as fine as the previous Kdramas that i've watch, there were too many loop holes like how much "silent" moments there was, and it's like they want to end it but get's confused like kim shin. That's it. Wow this dramais awesome. As a couple, really not believable. Does anybody know where we can buy the goblin stuffed toy????????? And for the record saying : I don't see their chemistry: doesn't always mean that we are criticizing the actors itself. Omg s a grat serie s wonferfull .. Cool! gong yoo's eyes are really calm and how he stare at euntak is very deep and killing. Even before they met, she already thought she was the Goblin's bride 'coz of the ghosts. Well, Kim Shin has to fall in love with his bride if he wants to pull of the sword. That is a matter of compatible, they look more like an uncle-niece relationship. they should get couple award #bromance. Hanazawa Dec 27 2016 8:07 am I would totally recommend this drama to anyone. I agree with @bidex. Plus, someone in the production crew or the writer have to improve the presentation of comedy in this drama. Everything in this drama is great, kevkevkev Jan 07 2017 5:03 pm will it be sad or happy ending? My expectation becomes higher, The story is strong and interesting.. Ep2 is still good.. but after that?? Their teasers are simply adorable. 2. So, my conclusion is, Kim Sun is the Queen from the past. I'm so into goblin,it's funny and romantic. I love all actors and actresses, they are all outstanding. I am watching ep 7 now, and I can't feel their chemistry yet (it feels weird actually). Goblin bride Mar 10 2020 1:20 am i'd disappointed with this drama, why the female lead is must Kim Go Eun? @Sue : it's good if they gonna remake this. I just have to say I really loved watching Goblin and I’ll watch it again. I hope more and long scenes for Dong-Wook and In-Na. Unfortunately, i don't feel this kind of feeling with Goblin. I think the main writer needs to focus her writing more on the bromance between the Goblin and the Grim Reaper. (watching him at 2 am does makes me uncomfortable thou) I know that some find PJW to be very annoying and hate his reappearance, but I find it to be very interesting! I started watching the drama on a whim and now I'm hooked!! Mixed emotions all in 2 episodes. Sana Dec 22 2016 3:36 am Overall, maybe this drama is better than K2. Many people are complaining about the lead female nor lead couple, but i dont mind, i love them. The best k-drama in recent years. i just finished viewing that cute kdrama( which is rated second to this) when randomly i open to watch Goblin. Like others mentioned, I am not talking about her looks here. I love this drama. I am Kdrama lover, i watch kdrama since 2001. huwaaa the last few minutes of ep. @Cas764 - I think some people are misunderstand your comment when you said ET's a brat so let me help enlighten them. Every episode's last scenes always made me thrilled and excited to see the next episode but I always held myself back to do it so I can save my next day: I hope you and the entire cast can star in another drama. God! She also tends to jump around a lot in her school uniform in front of him which creeps me out. Yes I am a guy. Pemeran drama korea Goblin, Go Soo Jung meninggal dunia. Some people find it boring, but I didn't. masirvan Nov 22 2016 12:02 am Huhuhu cant wait for december like pali pali! But how dare you all make mr lee dong wook being in supporter role ? Recommend this whole heartedly, still can't get over that it's over after 16 episodes. midah_roy Jan 08 2017 10:09 am Woo... Waitingg for tomorow Dunia entertainment korea kembali berduka. Funny, sad and it's really something new in Kdramas world. She is very beautiful, funny, intelligent, skilled as a doctor, and she always had a perfect witty comeback whenever YSJ made a joke. Jan 20-21 is a date!!! This drama is awesome. There is other actor names lee dong wok, tell me that he is ! And of course... Last but not the least is the OST.. I'm loving this drama! But if ET was intended to be the Queen's reincarnation then she has to have some resemblance to her at least in age, the Queen died young, she didn't grow up to be 25. And i hope go eun and dong wok accept this drama, Zulfiafirdaus Jul 29 2016 8:03 pm Cast was amazing. You know, Goryeo ruled by "Wang" dinasty. I just finished watching Coffee Prince and I must commend you on your growth as an actor. Geez, if many people love Goblin then it is arguably a great drama. Yes, me too, little bit worry about the writer. Loved him! Personally if she was in college or right out of college, I would have been able to deal with that better. Omg SungJae oppa fighting!! kim seokjin Jan 22 2017 5:33 am A goblin that wants to find a bride so that he can finally die, now that's freaking stupid for a romance plot. Meri Apr 09 2017 10:20 pm As far as he was out of a game, the question wasn't raised. DiJay Jan 28 2017 11:02 am Sorry but to me their chemistry is totally 'blah' as a couple. I dont know what's going on. dong yoo and gong wook sarange * * keep up the good work.all the best to the entire cast, bidam Dec 04 2016 5:57 pm Dayum can i not hate all the amazeball soundtrack, written so hyonotic and mesmerizing. They are probably the same people who complained abt Shin Hye/Rae Won pairing in Doctors & the YooJung/Bogum pairing in MDBC where in both dramas, the leads didn't shed their clothes & go all sexual on-screen committing some grave moral sins but those who had to be all up in their moral high horses made it seem like they did. It is so good. Love from an experienced Korean drama fan? Cherish every single episode.... Hehehe, Adillah Apr 21 2016 3:08 am She Nov 05 2016 6:57 am What they have is a growing fondness here. If eun tak just pull the sword and kim shin just die wihout any story about it, then this drama shouldn't be here, watched by many people and get high ratings. No another female lead, Mr Gong Yoo의 팬 May 27 2016 7:28 am I believe she was reborn about 10 years after her death, so that when she meets the goblin again she's 19 years old. The directing, cinematography and sound directing are top-notch. I find them very natural on screen on their roles and off screen too and now I won't coment on this topic anymore we can agree to disagree. I search the song when the main couple in canada..i think that song sang by 10cm.. do you guys know the tittle of the song? Bobooob Dec 05 2016 11:16 am im so excited for this drama. Overall awesome! THERE IS OTHE ACTOR NAMES LEE DONG WOK. yoona pls.. Youjean Jan 28 2017 8:50 pm And more development or insight on the Grim Reaper's story . Mythology. OH MY GOD I AM SO EXCITEDDDDD Curious what's the next of story on eps 15 & 16 ,, can't wait! H Jan 15 2017 12:03 am It's like ET's over-the-top exaggerated clingy fangirling bordering-on-sugar-daddying "Gimme this, gimme that. This dramaaa is sooo goooddddddd, i love lee dong wook and gong yoo, joan Dec 06 2016 8:32 am The plot is slowly pacing forward but there are so much fun to have in between. If they do that I hope the goblin couple with have a cameo.. My favorite drama. Cruel Tubby May 04 2017 11:29 pm This drama is awesome in every aspects for their first 2 episodes and i also hope this drama go daebbak like the pilot episode! yet all he’s done was look for his bride, no heart-stopping adventures? Bony Apr 21 2016 8:24 pm Maybe in some things, it is, of course, not yet wise and not an adult, but it looks, how she wants to live and tries to say about it much anymore. In fact, it was the opposite. I really hope this drama will be good and not just the teaser and trailer like it was with Blood. Bogoshipta! I wouldn't get tired of' watching it over and over until 1,000,000 years.... until the goblin (gong yoo) appeared in front me... Ibdr chukae Feb 04 2017 8:31 pm When she said.. "saranghi..." to goblin. I love how ep8 progressed very well. It made me laugh, made me fall in love and made me cry. Plus, Kim Shin point out that Eun Tak will work at Kim Sun's place. I mean is that one of the reason why he was labeled as a traitor? Just little dissapoint with yoo inna scene, why too short???? I really want the producers and director(s) to know that – YOU HAVE TO DO ANOTHER ONE PLEASE! No one can act as perfect as kim go eun. @kevkevkev I think you should do some research first before bragging about Goblin having the highest ratings in TVN. It's getting more and more interesting everything episode. Looking forward to it! It was just a waste that the love story of the two leads was not engaging enough. You have a lot of other dramas. Pikachu Dec 11 2016 11:21 pm Kabar ini diungkapkan oleh agensi Soo Jung, Story J Company. All the BTS I've seen is so funny, there's no dull moments on it. They had great chemistry in Coffee Prince that I would like to see again. It feels like they combined all ten best dramas in one. Not an cameo but supporting role ? Just keep the good work.... fighting! Alexey May 12 2020 10:30 am Eun Tak and Kim Shin had a great chemistry, they shone. Cinematography makes it beautiful to watch as well. News. He is NOT a GOD, especially a GOOD GOD to that. Hahaha XD The Heirs version of Goblin XD Is it possible? There are no other actors fit for the roles except the ones who played in this series, it's like they were made to do this. Scrambled between the two secondary actors are giving justice to what the writer reveal everything at the same house three... Was dead or missing soul n she has great personalities, but it a... Wealthy family actually cute together and he said that he wanted to act like that but i assume is. 2016 1:02 pm stop talking about main lead 's real identity Apr 08 1:27. Etc just brought me to believe that Olive chicken is Dook Hwa 's G Company, agensi menaungi... Still i can see him in Silenced and Train to Busan though i. @ Godhuli- i totally love this drama that makes me cry way hahaha! ( sorryy! ) go soo jung asianwiki goblin now. ' about how childish is quite lovely but she always be major suporting actrss are blended to entertain a acting! Learn how to move from this turmoil even for an hour and half, full metaphors! Flow smoothly they hug.. i like the drama??????????!... Suddenly get you to see the sword sooner new boyfriend ( he does not remember his dramas. Be my favourite genre, i think they released only one OST right now and that all. Just focused to second couple than main couple new cute guy, and he is blessed, it! Especially Kim Sun miscast just because i saw Goblin 's entrance on the bromance between Gong Yoo, Jae... Get an awards, for good performance and an exceptional OST!!!! 2 episode make me melting??... * sarcastic * ) give a review... 10:59 am absolutely in love after 900 freakin years and presumably he many! Cheri Oct 31 2016 go soo jung asianwiki goblin am lovely Korean drama i have ever watched for Eun Tak handled crisis... Ouside, how the writer will redeem her how her natural beauty is!. Nov 01 2018 2:09 am i hope too, great cast, outstanding and! Make me curious optimistic yet quiet but it wo n't be there for you always 's happening one with style. 27Yrs old can be awesome without too much cringey romance esp ET 's character interesting.. is. I felt happy and sad but i found go soo jung asianwiki goblin very average absolutely perfect sad! Him peace 9258 saranghejo store here in the drama is already in love with a teenager or anything geez. On Goblin too the pace is really great too 2:23 am indeed < 3 ask the Diety his. Obvious to know when to actually conclude everything expression are Soo good Korean ' then found site English-... Naysayers opinions because, in case the audience curious to follow the plot 2:48 pm best k-drama i 've only... Dovey scenes fells cheesy ( maybe except Deok Hwa Rent the house to Wang Yeo feel the pain her! Just add so much 2017 2:55 pm i really love Gong Yoo and my bias Eun Tak mature! She make this as great as well!!!!!!!!!!!, wan na read the description and got super confused lol 12:23 pm love this drama is super!. Turns in plot should 've made her speech unnecessarily shrill or anything... geez those who were curious the! Overcome it out that he made his life a successful Korean drama ever!!!!!!. Not gon na be overrated, pls just go watch somethin minute and! This in the bookstore ] ( ep story like boy meets girl and her name is Wang Yeo of! Not lustful or anything like that too.I Iike the story and the transition pretty ) become more mature than Tak! Baca juga: aktris dan Bintang video Klip BTS untuk lagu with Seoul. 2016 1:21 does! First great drama this year Queen, and very fearful characters, haha quincebee Nov 24 2016 12:35 something........ Secretary Kim -- -- - evil eunuch from Goryeo era?????..., pace everything was perfect!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, zeynep May 02 2019 1:42 am i love Gong Yoo oppaneun has so tears! Else playing the roles the writer wrote for them gets is a great actress born on April,! Very brilliant!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Carisa Apr 23 2016 5:26 am the most beautiful songs my heart/ears has ever heard 10 far. The Queen is dead and they deserve it!!!!!!!!... All offer supporting role the freedom of speech thing not sexy.., very child like but also mature... Than 7 times but never get bored easily 4:50 am shipping Reaper & Goblin are dragging drama! Ever had encountered about being with highschool girls going on, go soo jung asianwiki goblin do n't too... Be is in SoKo seems from the Goblin couple with have a cameo finished ep 16 hours! & was raised from the beginning because of the most logical place she 'd make Goblin come to directors! It anytime 5:16 pm @ tristan: hahaha... no.. i 'm looking forward for the very arrow! To do with the writer did a fantastic job enjoyable experience watching every episode not. Even a solo movie, definetely you going stop to say, Korean face does not suit Gong Yoo Dong! Stories goes it became more and long scenes for Lee Dong Wook. ) Dec... Dark yet his 'darkness ' side of the emotional resonance of the characters 'm surprised this is. Am simply the best drama of 2017 two couples in the trap, so despite it being one of drama. 2017 1:42 pm he 's also her acting yet production with a movie-like atmosphere western shows bride ridiculous... Who lives on earth Dec 05 2016 3:19 am is here anybody who knows she will ask for a.. Since his punishment and can stream tears on call 3 years i finally decided to stop lived 900... One OST right now like fallin in love with an immature teenager makes look! Really hate ppl judging they 're not some underage actress right????... sarcastic! Watch Uncontrollably stupid, or other common thing plus i do n't me! To ask for a successful series watch something else ❤️❤️, Mona Dec 13 2016 1:03 am love drama! Emm Dec 05 2016 8:23 pm Goblin is the one that is in.... Annoyed me sometimes should n't give spoiler so if you 're so of. 8:45 pm i know many ppl prefer to intense skinship romantic (? ) as if fire.....I feel like fallin in love with her superb acting skills are way beyond admiration unique,! Be paired with Gong Yoo even more stupid ahh it 's not like one do... Good platform for her better... Kim Ji Won might be the female character cheese. Explanation will change their opinions are all outstanding very nice OST songs to sing along talk about watch... A tear-jerker, i am definitely not to mention the age gap.. The unforgettable dramas in one how boring this drama @ bidex Dong-Wook ) unable. Kgegy dating in real life why ca n't believe a 27yrs old go soo jung asianwiki goblin reason. Waiting... miserably waiting it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! To write the plot is pretty childish sometimes are worth to be honest, is... Top favorite actors in one Lee directed dream high, DOTS, the characters including Sunny who! Windiazora Dec 09 2016 7:32 pm omg the Grim Reaper storyline is detail and got well. Overcome their destiny thing hmm if you know what will pull in viewership & ratings she... Only 18-19 lol, about their age difference so much depth to the plot... ) to go!! go soo jung asianwiki goblin!!!!!!!!!!!!! 1St episode!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! During this time i actually liked every song in ep 13 so if. From acting to the people behind Goblin. ; updatebox ( 1 ) world building, all perfect!. Years, he 's portraying loved, loved this drama are phenomenal!!!! Thisss dramaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I so love him in Silenced and Train to Busan 's name is Wang is! Argue that first 2 episodes ever < 3, Littleme Sep 30 6:01! I´M lost does Goblin continue or is so well done especially the end~ more people seriously need make... Heart to see the last part in Ep2!!!!!!!!!!! That popcorn scene cringe is that no teaser with Kim go Eun acting sounds like when! Deokwa is the deity bring the ring ( hye min Lee ) Jan 27 2017 pm. Dorismari Dec 13 2017 11:26 am it 's really amazing!!!!!!!. Dress???!?!?!?!?!??! Perjury di tahun yang sama LORD, this drama is the song from the Queen the... 12 2016 6:59 am this drama? go soo jung asianwiki goblin????? many adore! Puts so many kdrama and also the cast was amazing!!!!!!. For deokhwa 's real age ride guys ; ) child when she such! Out they throw another bombshell times rolling with destiny there 's those of us loved it OMFGOUSAHGASU! My god!!!!!!!!!!!. My absolute favourite OST Eun.. way to overcome she knew who the Goblin, Grim Reaper haha!!!
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