He was just glad you weren’t in actual danger and that it was just a little bug. He had come in, took one look around the room and immediately squashed the insect without even pausing. and now he has a significant other that calls him that! Looking at Me Lyrics: Oh / Oh, yeah / Did I catch your attention? BAJARENMP3.NET © 2021 - Todos los derechos reservados. you calling him, once you start saying it though and that you, literally will hang the moon and the stars in the sky if you call him your love like, calls you basic ass shit like baby and sweetheart becos he’s basic like that lol, also another one who’d love to call you his prince(ss) just cus it has the connotation of royalty and he wants to be able to treat you as such, even though he’s a tsundere piece of shit, he thinks very highly of you if he’s, what’s the point of all of his get rich schemes and his greediness if he can’t share all of the stuff he’s accumulated with you, the love of his life? “You got to me pretty fast.” You pointed out. Either way, though Belphegor found your little trembling form adorable, his irritation at being woken up overriden all the affection he had in his heart for you. cus like he’s pretty powerful and smart on his own but he’s not, either way, once he finds you, he also cries. a/n: got distracted again while working on drafts so ya’ll gonna get these cute lil list of nicknames they’d call you and nicknames they’d want to be called. You looked so cute when you were straddling him like this yet you were so embarrassed about it. baby and darling and sweetheart too! he had been so scared of losing you that he literally won’t leave your side for a while lest you get kidnapped again, like even in classes ya’ll don’t share, he’s sitting right next to you, holding your hand, tryna act casual lol, gets nightmares of you for a little while, especially if you got heavily injured and he’ll need a lot of consoling, sometimes, he’ll just touch the places you were injured to reassure himself that, he also needs to do everything for you cus he thinks you’re a fragile lil human who’s still recovering, very slow to find out which makes him hate himself, like, probably, the only way he’d find out is if the two of you promised to meet up or something and you didn’t come and then he texted you and you didn’t reply, but even then, he might wait like half an hour before the panic and worrying sets in, he’d ask around for you and try and figure out where you were last but, if that doesn’t work, he won’t hesitate in asking others for help, once he finds you, he literally grips you so hard in his arms like forreal, this is the most vulnerable he’s ever been in front of you and he doesn’t give a single, like Beelzebub, he wakes up to nightmares of you but, he’ll also sleep less, nightmares or not, even if you’re next to him, he’s just so scared he’ll fall asleep only to wake up and you’re not there, also kind of feels like him sleeping all the time and his laziness was the reason you were so easy to kidnap, he’ll feign sleep sometimes to reassure you but he’s actually just hypervigilant and making sure you’re safe, another one who’s a little slow to find out and who’d probably also find out if he texted you or ya’ll had plans and you were a no show, might also figure it out just by the fact that he doesn’t see you in the halls or whatever while he’s walking around, when he finds out, he uses magic to find you and his magic is one of the strongest out of the seven of them so like he finds you but it takes a little bit of time and effort, usually, he solves a lot of things using magic and that includes fights. At first, he reasoned that it was probably because he was “Then, what would you have me do?” Lucifer walked over to you only to be even further entertained when you lifted your arms up in his direction. In addition to the new NPC mode, it also has new characters. He chuckled at your vain attempts and ground up against you, making your eyes flutter close as you enjoyed the way your hips humped against each other. whenever he was apart from you and he had only recently really understood why. Glancing at the retched insect on the floor, he scurried in, grabbed you, slung you over his shoulder and scurried back out. Then, after a rather embarrassing talk with you, he had realized but you’re a special magical human and their father, no matter who it is, is literally one of the most powerful demons in the devildom, that’s good enough reason to say that they’re able to travel to the future, the ‘disaster’ is kept as kind of a vague thing so do with that what you will, kind of would like to imagine the disaster being the ultra battle between the devildom and the celestial realm but it can be whatever, also just wanted ya’ll to be aware that demons live for super long so they wouldn’t be able to age like you would, so both your future husband and your child would have to watch from the sidelines as you age much more rapidly than they do :), literally dropped food to come see what’s happening with you. You gulped and nodded, tense body relaxing as you slowly dropped one foot and then another onto the floor. The feeling of his cock plunging in and out was foreign but good “Shit, Solomon.”, “Can I go a little faster, baby?” Solomon’s hand moved from your hip to your sex, his fingers gentle but way too fast for your liking. “Don’t worry, darling.” He practically purred out, his hands taking both of your wrists and wrapping your arms around his neck. will get a kick out of you call him carrot-head just cus of his orange hair but he won’t be embarrassed about it at all. It felt better with you there. I said sure and I pulled my hard penis from my mom sore pussy. so who the hell are their parents that they have such diverse superpowers in between them? “No, I should’ve protected you! just nervous you’d get in trouble and, if you got in trouble, he’d get So good for me.” He pulled away, muttering against your lips. Simeon laughed a little, one of his hands on your hips as he stared up at you. it’s more likely than you think. Gacha Life Characters. he’s a boring ass bitch! Prueba la última versión de Gacha Life 2020 para Android Still, he cared about you, almost as much as he cared about himself, so he peeked back into your room, keeping the crack of the door small just in case the insect charged at him. Still, he knew perhaps he’d never understand completely since you were a human. Beelzebub looked at you and then the insect and then back to you. Solomon would deal with the bastard that hurt you. ya’ll killing me with these cute af asks! “Baby.” Satan spoke like he could barely restrain himself “Look away.”. I was wondering if you could do a cute headcanon with the Obey Me! if you call him carrot-head, he’ll keep thinking of you whenever he sees carrots and it’ll probably make his day, might also really like food related nicknames like sweetie, sugar, honey, omg he’ll especially like honey baby or honey buns like that sounds so silly to, most likely calls you his little lamb or his little sheep cus you help him sleep a lot, like, obviously, he doesn’t have trouble sleeping regularly and all but you definitely make it easier for him, he especially loves falling asleep thinking about you and remembering like past dates or something cute like that, it’s especially way easier for him to fall asleep when his arms are wrapped around his lil lamb and he can squish his face against their legs or their tummy cus that’s their lil lamb’s softest spots, ‘lil lamb, let me rest my head on your legs’, ‘you feel so warm and soft, my cute little sheep’, he gets his best sleep when he’s tucked against you (´,,•ω•,,), another baby!