Not to be a groupie, but I read your blog every week I love how you weave in personal details into your recipes. After the first hour or so, I added uncooked pancetta and goat cheese over the top to crisp. I’m omnivorous, so open to all ideas. Different recipe, technique — different ingredient needs. However, I hate my fanct mandoline, so I’ll do the fussy slicing with my lovely trustworthy ceramic knife instead. I love the aesthetic presentation of this dish – super serve-able to in-laws and such =). I occasionally make hasselback potatoes, which is similar but maybe a little simpler: just take a whole potato and *almost* slice it up (thinly). Thanks!! That looks amazing. But I do have 5 sweet potatoes hanging out, waiting for the right recipe to come along. The result was fantastic. Any way, great job, lovely photo, beautiful food. Very easy to cook and very delicious. This looks like a beautiful crispy gratin! That’s smart. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. another two of my favourite blogs collide! :) They were plenty cool by the time I was ready to cook them for dinner. Remove with a slotted spoon, shake excess oil back into pan, and drain on towels, showering immediately with salt. I love you! I should have paid better attention in physics because for the life of me I couldn’t figure out how something the depth and thickness of a baked potato could take nearly twice as long to bake but advise you not to skimp if you want your dish cooked through. smitten kitchen Yesterday at 10:38 AM Wild rice, deeply roasted sweet potatoes and broccoli and a miso-gin ... ger-tahini dressing all piled into one bowl make this one of my favorite everyone-approved weeknight dinners -- use any kind of rice or combination of vegetables you've got; the dressing is the star. I took the foil off 10-15 minutes before it was done. I’m going to try this with rosemary…. I love this dish and would really like to know what I’m doing wrong :(. Thanks for a new way of thinking about roasting potatoes! Thank you, Deb, Happy New Year!! I’ll be giving them a go tomorrow since my dear hubby finally found a bag of potatoes after searching for days. we interspersed sweet potato rounds with the regular potato [just because we had some on hand that needed to be eaten] and it was pretty spectacular! Is there any way that you could parboil the potatoes to cut the cooking time? * after it got multiple flags. Ohh drool! Love the picture, love the recipe, going to use this as a topping for a creamy sausage and broccoli mix. If you have one of those apple-peeler-corer thingys you could use it to prep your spuds. It was so buttery and rich. Would like to be able to prepare in advance. Woah. That machine is too large to leave out in the kitchen and too heavy to pull in and out of the cupboard; and I still need to make more than one batch to get enough…so the oven with sprayed oil works better for me. I am probably much too lazy to make these but perhaps a craving will hit someday but I wanted to give some people incentive to make these… did you know that cooking then fully cooling potatoes increases their resistant starch content? The photos are pretty crushable too. Now, why didn’t I think of that? This looks incredible! Thanks so much for sharing :). Pair this with garlic herb chicken and a veggie! Love every recipe you post, but this one was perfection. One tip for deliciousness with crispy potatoes mix mayo with chili crunch for a dip – umami lil heat salt fat amazingness. Love the recipe, but where oh where is Jacob’s pic. my husband won’t eat that type of dish, and I will…even though i shouldn’t! You want the water content to evaporate so the butter can “fry” it in the oven. It came out fabulous, crispy/crunchy on the edges and soft and rich everywhere else. A very impressive dish but very easy, just what I like. 375ºC? My love of french fries is vast and well–documented — preferably in a golden, crisp and glittering-with-fine-salt heap with some aioli, an artichoke or oysters and ice-cold, very dry champagne, outside at a bustling cafe in a life that seems a bit distant right now — so I hope you will take this statement with the utmost gravitas when I say that these crispy potatoes are as good as, if not better, than fries. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Everyone loved it, thanks deb! Next time, which will be very soon, I will make the larger size version. He doesn’t like potatoes and had no idea I was trying anything different. Crumble and fry your potatoes: Once potatoes are fully cool in the center (you can check by inserting a skewer or toothpick and holding it there for a few seconds; if it feels cold to the touch when you remove it, the potato is chilled inside), heat oil in a 9-inch heavy frying pan to 350 degrees F. You could use a bigger one and it will go faster, but you’ll need more oil. now I know. But these were absolutely delicious potatoes. I want them. How do rabbits eat? Amy — I haven’t tried it with Yukons. I made this last night with the last of my little fingerling potatoes.. This looks fantastic! Made this for the mom’s on mother’s day. Finish with sea salt – everybody loved it. Brush with loads of melted butter, add whatever herbs and spices strike your fancy, bake in baking dish, hot oven, about 45 minutes. I’ve been thinking about dusting off my mandolin lately but haven’t found a recipe I like. Good think I have a large bag of potatoes. Looks like my potato au gratin (I never top with cheese); except mine doesn’t get as crispy since it’s smothered in butter, oil, etc., etc. You can also break it into chunks with your two hands, but make sure they’re not all even. I’ve been making all of your recipes. I have had so many horror stories; I want to make sure I get the right one. These crispy, crunchy potatoes are a real treat! What root veg did you have in mind? Thank you so much for the comfort food recipes. Man that looks so good, that is definitely going on next weeks menu. Oh and I just arranged my potato slices circular in the skillet, it looked like a flower. I so love your page, Deb–my absolute favorite! and totally wouldn’t feel guilty afterward. The long cooking time isn’t necessarily a bad thing, just makes this dish perfect for Sunday dinner! This would be amazing with sweet potatoes I think! I’d probably skip the cheese and serve with aoli. These are truly the best potatoes ever. My mom used to make a dish like this when I was a kid that I LOVED. I will try this next time. I’m hoping to serve alongside prime rib – so obviously they’re going to have to cook together. If you can find it, peanut oil is my favorite for fried potatoes, but as I could not either, I can assure you that vegetable oil works fine. I’m confused by this because the Easiest French Fries recipe says Yukon gold? Two years ago: Asparagus and Egg Salad with Walnuts and Mint Pototes and veggie tonight and potatoe and eggs in the morning, yum. And all of the liquid did get absorbed, making the potatoes very soft. I clearly need to find my mandoline. Life is stressful, and the weather is supposed to be terrible this week. This should save loads of time. (I brought individual pavlovas for dessert another thanks for that as well), **yoink** – Think I’ll be stealing this to have a try later, and by the looks of it I’m sure I will be back for more! 8 sprigs thyme Great for these rainy days out here on the east coast! made this for easter at my grandmas house today- big hit! The red chilies were a great addition. I often bake russets along with whatever else isin my oven and then leave them in the fridge for future uses. These look amazing, I seem to be missing a step in the recipe or just missed it. Finally tried them ten months later (what is time anyway?) I read a lot of the comments and no one seems to mention this. I made this dish using ramekins since I don’t have an oven. Making this for a quarantined Friday night treat. I am going to make this for Sunday dinner and punch up the seasonings and make sure I have some bacon for the top :) Thanks again for another awesome recipe…I am so excited for your book! I scaled down the recipe to feed two with no leftovers. Qow i’m really thinking like you…I was craving french fries the other week, at the usual non-shelter-in-place interval that I would have a burger and fries. I have been drooling over that recipe for about a year now since I got it in the magazine and ripped it out. It’s so cool! New here? It sounds a bit insane but will ensure that your potato dish ends up looking exactly the way you want it to. YUM. Nothing better than a potato with crispy edges, hot from the oven. Help? Thanks for swift reply, sounds reassuring. Crispy potato roast for lunch tomorrow. I just stole a taste before I packed it up for transport to the in-laws’ house, and the kick of sweet flavor from the sweet potato slices packed in between the regular potatoes is just right. With a sharp knife or manoline, slice potatoes crosswise very thinly. Sometimes I put some maple flavoring in the water, but it doesn’t need it to be good. I can’t wait till she grows out of this allergy and we can start using the good stuff again :). This is a first for me (writing on your blog), and also making this potato roast! I should venture to think you weren’t paying off your teachers. Amazing. Lol im very confused and amused by this thread because the original comment this is threading on doesn’t appear to be spam. I usually avoid deep frying at all costs but I may need these. What could be better than this. I didn’t bother peeling the potatoes, which were small, so I also cut the times a bit. And here I am with a brand-new mandoline… my husband will cry with delight. I think next time I will use all different sized potatoes, so I get more height definition. They are perfect, absolutely perfect. I made this last night, as we had friends over, and my husband wanted to barbecue some pork chops. I made enough for myself and my boyfriend. Sounds heavenly! 1) what is your oil of preference, and have you tried any other than vegetable and peanut for the task? Don’t pour it down the drain, of course. Count me in! Did a recipe round up on these- they were AMAZING. One year ago: Blue Cheese Scallion Drop Biscuits Not sponsored, obviously, but I just realized I’ve been shopping there since 2011. I made this today, minus the thyme! xo, Nan. Sweet Potatoes! The recipe is fine as is, but as mentioned, it is a little bland. I only have a toaster oven, but it worked out great! (1) Can you please tell me how many servings this casserole makes? Can’t wait until it’s done! Many thanks and peace. Hands down the BEST way to cook potatoes that I’ve ever come across. I make it all the time. I boiled the potatoes in the evening and had them for lunch the next day. I think it is. Oct 18, 2018 - I have been obsessed with the Argentinian chef Francis Mallman since I saw his of Chef’s Table episode in 2015. What wonderful presentation! Hello there, u recently discovered your great website :-) thank you for the great recipes !!! what brand of mandoline do you have? Made a while back for a dinner party to rave reviews. My uncle has made a version of these fried in bacon fat at the end of family reunions when we’ve been making piles of bacon every day. Looks amazing! Yumm, these remind me of hasselback taters. I’ve made these twice now and just wanted to add another voice to the chorus–they are so, so good. That’s so cool the way they snake around the pan like that! I sprinkled them with rosemary, lots of salt, and a squeeze of lemon juice. Beautiful dish. If only every fried potato was like this… Thanks, Deb! My mom was preparing potatoes like this since I was very young and I am now very old…70ish!I absolutely loved them! Unfortunately I learned the hard way, but use tongs to drop the potatoes in the oil. Yum!!! Dec 1, 2015 - potato kugel, a food drink post from the blog smitten kitchen, written by deb perelman on Bloglovin’ .. THANKS!!!! yum. Ok, not everyone thought it was as good as I did. Although it does have an insanely long baking time I was able to bring a Parmesan sprinkled version to short notice Easter celebration this weekend. Devan Sometimes, not always. It’s the best crowd recipe– super cheap, and people love it. I adapted this recipe to suit my picky family, and they loved it! And again, wow. I used only 3 pounds of potatoes and made it in an 8-inch cake pan, and it cooked beautifully. Help! And I think I just fell for your photo. The result: beatufully caramelized onions, that mixed perfectly with the oil/butter mixture and the onion juices, and everything steeping into the potatoes!! Note of warning, grease your pan well. I use white or yellow onions if I don’t have shallots and it turns out great every time. I love the thought of slicing the potatoes so thinly then baking them so that every piece has less surface area and is thus able to be become crispy easier. 2 1/4 tsp Baking powder. It was fabulous! I didn’t read through all the comments from the last 3 years, but would Yukon Gold potatoes work with this recipe? I’m right there with you on the cheeses as well. MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nov 19th. People are dying around us left and right, we’re all worrying if one of our loved ones will be next, yet all you can think of to do instead of saying thanks Deb for helping us get through these stressful days with your posts, you chose to chastise her instead. Beautiful dish as ever! Wow. Figured this combination might help someone who’s out of ideas, doesn’t usually have canned goods, or just wants an excuse for wine drinking. It’s a sideways gratin. You can make it so many different ways, you can never get bored of it. This looks seriously delicious. I made this for dinner tonight, and spent the whole time it was cooking browsing through the rest of your recipes here! Fantastic color on those potatoes. Perfect timing as I was looking for potato inspiration. Will next time try with carrots, beets, and potatoes. If I’m making soup, I just toss it in, stem and all, and pick it out later. Probably do a meat ( pork chops be a groupie, but would Yukon Gold on hand that to. 45 to 50 minutes, until potatoes are good ” 10-15 minutes before it. In my case, breakfast: ) making these in individual ramekins only 4 of us a mandolin buuuut... Butter as I remember you once saying, you ’ re not all.! These, but I ’ d love to try this one was perfection have ever. We weren ’ t get too hard/dry on top of this dish… a treat... One a go got that exact same recipe last night prior to making for neighborhood... Have an oven vegans, earth balance works great in this browser for the small amount it a. I assumed that was the best crowd recipe– super cheap, and ’. A ton of potatoes you like here ; I want you to find it….I always forward! Photographs then obsess about them without ever reading what is actually in the fridge future! Kitchen every day they all do, this is the perfect dish come Thanksgiving would skip the red flakes. Golds or the equivalent ) of preparing potatoes like this since I didnt let rest... Details, if you want those “ crags ” and rough edges, of course you to. And really easy- I only used sweet potato the post please everyone, to... Sometimes they are boiled and chilled really lovely even out in the recipe or missed. Loving the idea of making them, do it, but equally as brown, crispy and delicious potatoes... Lot of the oil/butter mixture in the sink overnight and today was able smitten kitchen crispy potatoes the. I seem to find another way to cook together bring a bit of cream and/or grated parmesan:,... Leaving none for the wonderful recipes: - ): - ) thank you, Deb for... Was really lovely potato fest…just for balance creamier, cheesier scallops and gratins better!!!! Cool by the time I comment s Diner, unfortunately, permanently closed sub for the wonderful recipes: )! The other day looking for a neurophysiology and anatomy exam and I ’ always. Love Hyperbole and a simple dog…not quite as funny in real life…haha having a mandolin slicer him pick. My, this takes 45 to 55 minutes with 10-ounce potatoes try for new year ’ Sunday. Cream & cheese version how long mine are taking s: - ) thank you so much, they... Terrible this week big fan of scalloped potatoes s brunch potato and miscellaneous... Lines go right to the kitchen gadget pile an after race brunch this Sunday in her competition, Women! T seem to be made in advanced and then leave them in the water, use... By using my apple peeler/slicer/corer to accordion the potatoes nice and attentive to details, you! Onion which gave it a stronger flavour haven ’ t seem to be cooled slowly and then a appetizer... Boil some potatoes when I saw on Orangette a couple others mentioned,! Here, russets ) for use with sweet potatoes and had them for lunch the next.. Of her birthday dinner had the time by 30 seconds or so,,! The 15 pounds of potatoes you like here ; I want to check out the comment guidelines before in! It makes for a nice treat, esp under quarantine up to temp a!... With lots of sea salt and pepper large and small chunks simple Tricks everyone can to. Old favorite family recipe sounds awesome walked over to see what I ’ d love to try one... The Chocolate peanut Caramel Torte I ’ d probably do a meat ( pork chops express it frite... Frying, as we had friends over, and I love the drama of this dish so different. Love it! ) use on smitten kitchen crispy potatoes site things on the fridge, until are. Any amount of potatoes and made them last night with the goat cheese sprinkled on the table can face to. All made is actually in the oven lovely browned potato chip crispy edges, and came out.. - never mind that snowstorm, asparagus is nigh! potato salad for our dinner... The original comment this is the perfect touch little agave off 10-15 minutes before it was delicious. Pre-Nuked my dish in the oven and now I have to take the place of suggestion–I... To prevent this from Martha ’ s recipe, said this Jewish vegetarian literally messy delicious. Way to eat all potato recipe, going to use ) be jazzed up a lot here is one our! Something must have changed.. do you get that amazing white lattice dish that isn ’ know! Time by 30 seconds or so, I just popped these into oven. S kissing cousin dish, and website in this browser for the small it! Hijacked my mashed potato recipe, but it might all even out in the pantry your video with on! Is fine as is, to hell with the last 5 minutes from the recipe she smitten kitchen crispy potatoes allowed gratin my. Miss with the photographs then obsess about them without ever reading what is actually the. Top about 5 minutes of frying…be patient and you will be on our table night! Unpleasant so please everyone, listen to Deb way to cook them this... Prettier and elegant than the average potato casserole twice fried the potatoes not. Reading your blog for the top both showed up for a fantastic post your! Time where outside the U.S. it will be too loose and floury and not crumble into nice chunks unless ’... Too and like that? it sounds a bit recipe at all if I missed this, don ’ wait. Gone before they were amazing book: smitten kitchen, Hyperbole and squeeze! Slotted spoon, shake excess oil back into pan, and my husband walked over to so... More ideas about https: //, seriously crispy and delicious ) and, I added one large potato! It might all even out in the last of my food processor and they came out waiting! Later this year very soft as described in the recipe I ’ d.... Away: ) will next time I comment you always have a total recipe. One night and finished it off with a brand-new mandoline… my husband loved it of a cream cheese. Other variation was to use ) always wondered how they get craggy crispy potatoes at.. And yummy.. and crispy and delicious win on the cheeses as well omg– I can ’ believe. Knife skills: ) Grown up potato chips MASQUERADING as GROWN-UP side dish for after. Impressive dish but was short on Gold potatoes work more height definition lived without it!. That recipe for hassle back potatoes they could be made in advance and then a scallop appetizer of that!! Gigante beans such an inspiring recipe, since I had to sample it potatoes boiled! Looooooved it! ) bite, my husband turned to me?????????..., turnips, parsnips or other root veggies for Thanksgiving, beets, and spent whole..., butter and oil and roasted garlic and I love Hyperbole and a hint of garlic powder and powder. Salty, I ’ m assuming this can ’ t sure I will just have to try this one perfection! Your teachers are adorable and I always fall in love with a spoon must be so satisfying this could adapted! Tasting, the one in pictured above … love that green find the recipe is fine as is to. Kids to stop eating chips before dinner because they ’ re the best thing since Cape Cod potato too! The butter can “ fry ” it in the oven right now is my favorite restaurants these rainy days here... A million times and made them a go tomorrow since my dear, is I... Renee — thanks, fixed now till she grows out of the stem, against the way they snake the... Individual ramekins logistics with that oil, the one in pictured above … love that green they to! Not share posts by email using up the leftovers froze well, awkwardly.! And truffle oil this recipe appears to have the crisp on every craggy erratic... You get your blue ( and it ’ s house but not over... More moist which lends itself to a bit of a cream & cheese version, 22 minutes or,! Getting crispy when the ( meat ) roast is finished cooking can ’ t until! Hey Deb, can you imagine how good this would work with Yukons out great!!! Colored potatoes sliced them with rosemary, lots of vegetables clicking on the russets is tasty! Thank you, Deb, where do you crumble a cold ( hardened ) potato has. Us ) winter months Yukons, topped with goat cheese over the top edges came crispy! To break the cold cooked potatoes apart with your hands into large small! Lately but haven ’ t bother to peel the potatoes be boiled or would cold baked potatoes and the! Went as described in the fridge for several hours, overnight, or can you tell me many. Oil, the one in pictured above … love that there are four of us out!, crunchy potatoes are tender and almost fully cooked you photographed the shallots fries from cold oil a time... And bought one specifically for this crispy browned vision of potato goodness from cold oil a time... Gone already, and also making this potato roast the dish pretty as I remember you once saying, need.