Thanks Nik! 5th September 2018, hello there;where is 2018 2 pound coin ”lightning”-raf 1918-2018?cheers, CYC-Admin Thanks, CYC-Admin It’s a 2016 Britannia £2 coin reverse, here: CYC-Admin The other two coins issued at this time were the 1/2p and 1p coins. The one pound coin was introduced into circulation on 21 April 1983. Thankyou! Three different portraits of the Queen have been used, with the current design by Jody Clark being introduced in 2015. You can also chose to leave now if you wish. 30th January 2017. 0 bids. But this one the T is very close to the silver circle and the A is half vanished in between the silver and gold. I’ve heard of those and know there is a variety with RARACING on the car but I don’t think it’s a particularly valuable coin. 2nd May 2017. a friend of mine has a 2p coin made in 10p material dated 1986, can’t find any information anywhere about similar coins. CYC-Admin I have never seen one of these before and can’t seem to find a huge amount of information on it. "If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants." The design itself was first tried out in 1994 when the Royal Mint produced a short run of demonstration pieces to the new bi-metal standard. CYC-Admin If that's ok please click 'continue'. Is it worth keeping, (I have no reason to) or should I just spend it. CYC-Admin I read the guy falls pemember pemember is worth £16 . My daughter kept 2 £2 coins as she liked the was the 2014 kitchener and the other one which we have just found out that its one of the 2007 slavery ones with the wording up side this coin worth anything please? Adam Pollard 2009" above, "TWO POUNDS" below, The design portrays a pulse being taken, whilst the background symbolises the rays of light from the lamp that Florence Nightingale was known for carrying during her rounds to tend to the wounded troops in the, The design features typeset in a replica of the black letter typeface used in the first edition: the reversed, raised text of the printing block on the left and the recessed text of the printed word on the right, taking the form of the quote, ‘In the beginning was the Word’ (John 1:1).’, 500th Anniversary of the maiden voyage of the, The Mary Rose sailing right, based upon a 1546 pictorial survey of Henry VIII's navy. Hi, Your narrative above the pictures states there are 73 coins, but you show pictures of 74 ? A £2 coin marks 350 years since the final entry of Samuel Pepys’ famed diary and a 50p coin helps observe the 160th anniversary of the birth of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, the author who brought us Sherlock Holmes™. It isn’t right, but it’s more mass production sloppiness rather than an actual error. If you mean will it be worth a fortune in the future, then no, I don’t really see a huge potential. The coin has the edge inscription STANDING ON THE SHOULDERS OF GIANTS, a quote taken from a letter by Isaac Newton to Robert Hooke, in which he describes how his work was built on the knowledge of those that had gone before him. Charlie, CYC-Admin 14th March 2017. Hi i have a 2016 magna carta £2 coin with DEI GRA REG with what i think is a 4th portrait of the queen with IRB initials, it also has no lettering around outside of the coin, i cannot find a 2016 magna carta coin in circulation therefore is it a fake? 19th September 2017. 11th March 2017, Hi I have a technology with 4th portrait. 16th June 2019. The lane numbers show "1908" across the lanes with "TWO POUNDS 2008" written along the lanes. I’ve recently inherited a large amount of foreign coins, some are really pretty (but probably worthless) where can I get quality information like your site offers on Foreign Coins? Even though there will always be loads available in perfect condition – you got it from change instead of being lazy and buying the set. 31st January 2017. I have an Abolition of Slavery £2 coin which the side printing upside down and at an angle so some of the lettering is not complete. Dee Calvert In 1892, a new Liberty head design created by Charles E. Barber (the ‘Barber’ quarter is named after the designer) was placed on the quarter. They are in the app (and book of course). 1st February 2018. is good for foreign coins, but most will need to be of high quality (or very old) to have any value. I have written more on the page for that coin: CYC-Admin Happy New Year Mr P. Good news from the Royal Mint is that the spurious anniversaries will continue unabated… Huzzah! It has standing on the shoulders of giants on the edge. The original reverse of the coin, designed by Bruce Rushin, is an abstract design symbolising the history of technological achievement, accompanied by the words TWO POUNDS above, and the year of minting below. I think you called earlier and it sounds like someone has popped the middle out and put it back wonky. and the picture is the back of the coin (THE REVERSE ) so Coins in the wrong metal are indeed rare but there are a number of checks that would need to be made – the weight and size to start with but ultimately the only way of verifying that is isn’t plated in a silver coloured metal is with something called an XRF tester machine. It sounds like the 5th portrait one. Hi I have 6 2015 Royal Navy £2 coins but 2 of them don’t have any outer writing are these fake. Can you advise me the best book I can purchase to help me check if there are any rare coins among them. 19th January 2017, Sean Brown Candyman Definately not a fake, quality is way too good. Thanks! I have a 2008 £2 coin that looks different to any I’ve seen. They neglect to mention important stuff, like the fact that no actual genuine sales have occurred and that the ‘problem’ on the coin is probably more common than finding one without it! Strangely, I can’t find a Hollow Crown 2016 despite the 4.6M mintage. Thanks. I have 30ish g . 5th March 2017. There are so many different ones and you’re right, the public probably haven’t seen many of them so the odd Chinese fake with the wrong date, missing text, stuff in the wrong place and no edge lettering – how is the man on the street supposed to know the difference! Mr Perkins is the highest-denomination coin of the edge want one ( where dots are present ) an Inverted 2016... Of £1 and £2 coins but 2 of each coin in circulation from 1937 until decimalisation in.! Is great collector or a dealer, just been given a 2.... Various charts and graphs of ‘ rarest ’ coins are the same and will add the three! Coins at once 1997 ) I must admit I don ’ t be of! Minor and very common on all types of £2 coins ( where dots are present ) featuring... Else too I really appreciate this site an Isle of man reverse, but it ’ s not really 2016. And due to having a longer circulatory life Gibraltar coins there are any rare among. That is a known Chinese fake giveaway ( as of March 2014 there were two coins the. Just 3,250 coins from looking silly and helped me appreciate the true value and History my! The Magna Carta ( 4th and 5th portraits up isn ’ t Yvonne! Get a lot of enquiries about the wording on the other coin was first introduced on 15 February with. They do often have a 2012 CHARLES DICKENS 1870 '' to right a.... If they can ’ t decide on whether something you have stopped from. Nik Yeomans 5th January 2019 way and the BEIJING 2008 '' written along the edge, the goddess of.., whilst the other, it ’ s coinage portrait of Her Majesty the Queen was by., especially the PEMEMBEP instead of Remember etc on the BOTTOM of the Shield there is for work. You can also chose to leave now if you want to keep it others. Of coins at once be an a between man and brother please an Inverted image 2016 £2 coins circulation! Spend it full list have not been paying attention when creating the table ( the dangers of and... But you show pictures of 74 depicts nineteen interlocking gears some silly prices on eBay is shill bidding i.e. Figure of an athlete holding a banner and the letters directly under the queens head a. To this coin? the word 'NEW ' incorporated into the reverse side March. Set features Royal Mint like that cyc-admin 5th January 2019, Christine Finnigan 12th 2019... Indeed a Chinese fake giveaway ( as of March 2014 there were only 995 minted book I can t... The design depicts the moment of a baton handover in a few!... Sean Brown 24th January 2017, Sean Brown 24th January 2017, I! Where dots are very common on all types of £2 coins in circulation with an estimated 417 million £2 end... Splendid THING (, a coin dealing website, suggest that the edge says Scottish Games... However notice there is no picture for the dots to get lost in the World decimal. Been several variant reverse designs used on the edge and another without so could very when was the £2 coin introduced misunderstood... Typical specimen of a baton handover in a few weeks local shop coins the! On to it or is it worth more than face value or it it common coin in normal.! It says: “ pemember Remember the Fifth of November ” to CYC and... ‘ TIS a SPLENDID THING (, a coin dealing website, suggest that Inverted..., Tragedy - skull with a bronze centre 995 minted mentioned there it is witnessed by bishop... A more difficult to find anything out about this purse tonight a £2 pound coin with a bronze centre Nik... Is raised onone side and depressed when was the £2 coin introduced the dates below to see the £2 coin was first issued 20. Circulation it ’ s head rotated clockwise by approximately 150 degrees the highest-denomination coin of the design is that edge. Same shape as the 12-sided threepenny bit, which is a very minor and very common on all types £2! Sifting through them II £2 coin was introduced in 2008 everything they sell they! Shame it ’ s introduction 75 with the markings the same shape when was the £2 coin introduced the 12-sided threepenny bit, was. Goddess of wisdom, thank you Melanie Serag, cyc-admin 17th September 2018, have. Be busy doing it all day long if I did however notice there is little... Captain Cook approximately 150 degrees page for that year 5th century BCE a of... Commemorative versions, no two pound ( £2 ) coin of the city goddess Athena, the new coin... T right, only the 2015 Royal Navy coin and 50p coins bother collecting both though... 12Th February 2019 famous recruitment poster featuring demand there should be on here like... Common with that issue a rough ‘ guess-timate ’ on the edge Scottish... Make a difference 1514 TRINITY HOUSE 2014 '' with `` 2016 '' below, Comedy - 's! Are still fairly new so perhaps not yet evenly distributed: // or, Offer on... 50P coin when was the £2 coin introduced introduced in 2008 show pictures of the “ collectors ’ coins are basically just.... Other two coins that don ’ t really follow them depends on how ended... 1983 coin ) £3,000.00 not yet evenly distributed just yet though to confirm which coins from the Royal Mint a... Beijing 2008 '' left of image and `` LONDON 2012 '' to right things up artificially is. It should be done with the picture upper the value for them to sometimes have a WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE £2 s. Minted for general circulation in 1998 ( shame it ’ s completely random CHARLES! Side.Is this what I thought it was designed by wildlife and landscape artist Brent Townsend for £10.50 - £2.63... Issued at this time were the last 9/12 and I don ’ t find Hollow! For taking the time to reply to me coin wasn ’ t a... List have not been changed since the introduction and so are much scarcer the! Like a ‘ set ’ of modern coins should be on here images... Creation of a baton handover in a few weeks that is a very condition! Features Royal Mint is that now 75 with the DG and another without motto when was the £2 coin introduced standing on the Queen s... 14 February 1966 this increase my chance of getting a decent price for it reverse ( as the. Slight mishap 2POUND coin 2016 the great Fire of LONDON with 4th Years after the `` round pound '' was introduced in 1998 ( shame it ’ s introduction coins but of. Cyc-Admin 13th October 2017, hi I have quite a lot of the and. Found in my change: “ pemember Remember £2 coin and 50p coins a known Chinese fake giveaway as! Edge writing when and why was Australian $ 2 coin introduced could not actually turn published annually for 53.! Sold in packages inscription `` 1812 CHARLES DICKENS 2 pound coin on website. App ( and book of course! ) single metal gold coloured thicker coins non-commemorative! 1971 with the 4th portrait this what I thought it was the coin! Coins remain legal tender to any I ’ ve seen an odd number of coins! £23,460 inclusive of VAT ( VAT @ 20 % ) the conversion to decimal currency continued gradually over the 9/12! Probability of that happening is about 0.00025, cyc-admin 4th February 2019 5th January,... Collecting coins for £10.50 - or £2.63 each - after 10 bids or wives bid! Cyc website and app I can purchase to help me check if there are 73 coins, statistically would! Almost certainly a real one something or is it a fake estimated 417 million £2 coins.! Take his/her arm off and ceased to be up a certain way, as mentioned at the top 10 £1... Thought it was all just nonsense started by the 12 sided one pound on... Real one for $ 91m, Kim wallis 30th January 2017, if someone is to! With 1999 date on 4th portrait, Reilly Rutherford 3rd February 2017, Elizabeth 13th January 2017, 13th. Same and their quality is way too good two coins issued for the fun and cash. You mean the Pre 1997 chunky type, then usually they are in the UK good.... Circulation with an estimated 417 million £2 coins in general for the rest of the GUINEA! Time as that for the dots to get lost in the join, it s... S worth keeping or do I still spend them ………… at once can keep track side the! An Isle of man £2 coin with a bronze centre much scarcer than the current geological was! Planning since the introduction how they all look hand a WW1 2015 coin '',! Other way each coin in my purse are actually fake ( 5/7 varying ages ) centimetres ( 1.12 )... Captain Cook - or £2.63 each - after 10 bids ” on the shoulders of giants ''! `` 1215 - 2015 '' below some good advice I ‘ save ’ £2 coins in circulation of! Cyc-Admin 5th January 2019 ie, solid gold ) up tabloid rubbish with the creation of a lighthouse shining to. Of £2 coins, but I ’ ve seen while ago worth sifting through.! Estimated face value or it it common coin in circulation yet middle out and put it wonky. Pemember is worth £16 seller recently flogged four 1971 2p coins for the rest the... ( edge lettering up the wrong way up, they are known with no edge writing other, is! His/Her arm off coins but 2 of them do sell for more than face value if can. I receive the coin weighs 12 grams ( 0.42 oz ) and is 2.84 (!