Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. 35 Festive Ways to Decorate Your Front Porch with These Outdoor Holiday Planter Ideas Take a look at this list of 35 amazing outdoor holiday planter ideas . Then this is the perfect DIY planter makeover for you. They will adhere easily. 3. 2. Giant DIY Mudcloth Planter Makeover While this DIY from my friend Lindsay might not necessarily be from scratch, she gave a drab looking planter a great makeover by painting it and then painting a mud cloth pattern on in a different color. DIY Wooden Vase. DIY Dollar Store Planter Makeover. I adore these DIY planters because they’re cheap and easy to make and you can get as festive as you want. I mixed a packet of white and grey to create this shade. Stripes look good on lots of things, including pots! Why settle for plain pots when you can easily add some pizzazz! Use tape to mark the pattern or design you want to create or if you simply want the whole pot to have the same color you can skip this step. DIY Front Yard Ideas. Whether you’ve got a potted garden or are planning to give flowers as a gift, these 10 DIY Planter Makeovers should be very helpful! DIY Large Wooden Planters & Porch Makeover I’ve been busy, busy, busy this week working in the yard. A few weeks ago when I was at peir 1 imports I came across this burlap place mat! Sugru! See more ideas about flower pots, planters, diy planters. Another idea is to use acrylic paint and gold leaf to give your flower pots a chic makeover. An inexpensive and functional DIY to decorate any wall in your home. {found on zelophotoblog}. Drip Painted Pottery. And they’re very easy to make! This delightful planter is a very good candidate for a garden project, now with the spring at its best. I feel like I can’t get through a week these days without talking about planters in some form or another – whether they’re to buy or to DIY. Remove the tape and apply glue to the empty spots. A Cultivated Nest is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to 4. Getting back into blogland after a long visit from my mother and I always find fun project inspiration here. ... GEOMETRIC PLANTER DIY. Thank you for sharing with us. FEEL FREE TO CHIME IN … I ALWAYS LOVE HEARING FROM YOU! 1. When you’re mixing always start by adding a small amount of the darker colour to the lighter one. Helping You Manage Your Home and Life on a Budget. If you’d like a complex pattern on your pots, you don’t have to paint it on. But decorated pots tend to cost more than plain terracotta or plastic ones. From rustic outdoor décor to a more modern look, there is a DIY holiday planter that is perfect for your decorating needs, and I have 15 of the most creative for you to consider. Your article is very useful, the content is great, I have read a lot of articles, but for your article, it left me a deep impression, thank you for sharing. DIY Terracotta Clay Hanging Planters. You should get started! Denise XO. This is a very unique (and pretty) idea! DIY Planter Box with Trellis The base of this planter box is big enough for a 2 or 3 gallon pot, so all you have to do is drop it in and watch it grow! These pots are so cute! RELATED POSTS:: DIY Resin Furniture Appliques & Onlays DIY Planter Makeovers: 1. Immediately I thought it would be so cool to transform an old planter with it! If you want a very colorful pot, this pour paint project could be exactly what you’re looking for! Sometimes the pots are nicer than the plants they hold! DIY Canvas Fabric Planter Covers made from Plastic Bottles. But I couldn’t resist (at least) one more planter project for spring. And they’re very easy to make! Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Copyright © 2021 Nest Media LLC | All Rights Reserved, Privacy Policy, Cookie Policy, & Disclosures, 5 Common Budget Mistakes You May Be Making », how to wrap and paint normal terra cotta planters, transfer an image onto your ordinary terra cotta pots, 10 Mind Blowing Command Hook Hacks You Need To Know. I’m sorry, that sounds so melodramatic, but I’m living for the small pick me ups at the moment. 10 Creative DIY Planter Makeovers. Open up the packet of Sugru and check the colour match with your planter (alternatively you could create contrasting colours which let’s you skip the next step). I have just a few projects left and our kitchen remodel will finally be done! Build up the pattern then leave to set for 24 hours! :-( 4. You can buy those cheap plastic planters from the Dollar Store – that are about a dollar each – and use this technique to really dress them up and make them stylish. One of those projects was finding some wall art for the main wall that could be both functional and pretty. Private Policy Statement. ... DIY planter ideas that are best for your home: You can easily set up any plant species at home and start your hanging garden. Love some of these ideas. DIY Legged Basket Planter. You guessed it! Posted on 2015-05-19 2017-09-17. The easiest way to have the DIY pipe planter is to install one as a vertical tower to grow vegetables. Posted on December 8, 2020 by Sara. Whether you've got a potted garden or are planning to give flowers as a gift, these 10 DIY Planter Makeovers should be very helpful! Floral Fabric Pots. How to Age Terra Cotta Pots by Little House of Four . Check out Dimples & Tangles’ tutorial on how to add stripes to your pots! source: Filed Under: DIY Projects, Link Love Tagged With: DIY Planter Makeovers, DIY projects. Article by A Cultivated Nest. No one needs to keep a plain old pot any more. DIY Painted Planter. If you don’t like the result just cut off the Sugru with a sharp knife and start again. These pots are so pretty with the chalkboard labels and distressed edges! The History of Mudcloth. What a cute idea!!! There is always so much to do outside after a long winter–weeding, mulching, watering, and raking leaves (yes, I have learned if you don’t rake your leaves all the way in the fall they will still be waiting for you come Spring). Hi Manuela! They have some great step by step photos for making this project, so I recommend watching the video then heading there to get more info on the making of this cool patio accent. Can I get a Hallelujah! These pots would be perfect gifts for a gardener, especially if they came with strawberries already planted inside! A Cultivated Nest is also a participant in the Etsy affiliate program via Awin. A Cultivated Nest makes no claims of “expert status” and the owner will not be liable for any losses, injuries, or damages from the use of the information found on this website. I HOPE THIS PLANTER MAKEOVER HAS INSPIRED YOU TO TAKE A LOOK AT WHAT YOU HAVE LYING AROUND YOUR HOME. 16.DIY drip planters. I did a thrifty little summer porch update recently and I’m going for more of a vintage, farmhouse style look. Check out Clever Nest’s tutorial on how to make your own DIY drip pot! I’ve never heard of this before but am totally trying it now! Your email address will not be published. Please see our Disclosure Page for more information. Many of us have just spent the last few months staring at the same four walls. Cover foam container with chicken wire, this will give the concrete a surface to stick to. They will adhere easily. DIY Shell Planter by Sand & Sisal. It’s cute. With cheerful reds and greens, family and friends will know you’re in the holiday spirit as soon as they step foot on your porch. Break off pieces of the Sugru and roll them into balls, tubes or points. On the pink planter I used white, brown and red. I love the look of these pots! Dec 7, 2020 - DIY Planters and Flower Pots Tutorials, Building Instructions, Plans & Decorating Ideas. DIY Easy Planter Makeover by Fall for FIY  […], Your email address will not be published. These cool ideas will make your house stand out from the rest of the neighborhood, thanks to your ingenious and creative front yard makeovers. These pots are so cute! House by Hoff shows how to wrap and paint normal terra cotta planters! Terms & Conditions Address Number Post Planter; A DIY Front Yard Makeover the Neighbors Will Adore. Katie wanted to give her new terra cotta pots a more aged look, and she has a great tutorial for this process. Seperate pieces of packing foam with a serrated knife and/or glue foam sections together to get the desired shape for the container. Are you getting excited to get out into the garden? Plastic Planters Plastic Flower Pots Diy Planters Reuse Plastic Containers Planter Ideas Diy Home Decor Projects Outdoor Projects Garden Projects Garden Tips. Do you like to use plain or decorated planter pots? It can be the perfect material when it comes to DIY projects and planters for gardens as it can be molded into some extremely functional and useful pieces at thearchitecturedesigns. These are such satisfyingly easy planters to create that the process is as therapeutic as the outcome! Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links to Amazon and/or Etsy, which means that I may earn a small commission from some of the links in this post. The trellis will help stabilize taller plants, or give climbing vines something to hold on to while it fills the back with flowers. Follow Design Dining andDiapers’ tutorial to make your own chalkboard herb or flower pots! Hot glue gun and glue sticks Any fabric, textured prints, tassels, macrame, burlap, doilies, fringe, pom poms, the sky is the limit! It’s easy to make the colours darker but much harder to make them lighter. Plants and flowers are often well complemented by colorful pots. Spring is right around the corner, which means it's time to pretty up those planters! My last post with Sugru highlighted how to use the mouldable glue to temporarily attach objects to a kitchen backsplash. May 19, 2015 Okay, so some of my planters were looking a little tired and it became evident I needed a DIY planter makeover. Nest of Posies explains how she made her pretty gold foil message pots! Required fields are marked *. The Best Hanging Planter Ideas For Your Complete Home Makeover. 3. Although it’s meant to be a tea bag holder, I saw the potential to upcycle it from a tea storage box into a planter for the holiday season. I feel like my home is in need of a refresh, but apart from the odd accessory here and there, I don’t want to start replacing everything I own when in reality I just need to get out the house more! Our favourite things in your inbox every month! Plastic Nursery Hanging Planter DIY Makeover I LOVE buying plants but every time I get home I have to find a little home for my new plant babies. DIY Planter Makeover – Paint Your Tired Pots! Press the gently onto the surface of the planter. They are so easy to make and you don’t have to have actual terra cotta planters for this one. DIY Easy Planter Makeover. Most of these crafts require little more than paint, trim, or glue. I started reading into it a bit and fell even more head-over-heels for mud cloth. I just wanted a slightly different look for my planter stakes – one that looked like metal. Thanks for reading. Definitely check out Erin’s tutorial if you want to do something smaller scale, like a normal sized terra cotta pot, but read on for my tutorial and tips for refinishing and weather-proofing something large-scale on metal that’s going to live outdoors, subjected to the elements.. Here is a planter makeover that I recently did. Urban Comfort explains how to decoupage lace onto an ordinary pot for a brand new look! Build up the pattern then leave to set for 24 hours! Paint the exterior of the pot and a little bit of the interior. Step 1 So once the glue gun is ready, wrap the … […] derniers temps et j’ai bien envie de ressortir l’argile surtout depuis que j’ai vu ces petits cache pots.Cet article devrait être lu par tous les créateurs de contenu, photographe culinaire, créateurs, […], […] 9. They allow for so much creativity and personalization. They were made with a Silhouette, but you could easily cut the letters out of gold foil by hand if you don’t have one. Holly’s Arts and Crafts Corner explains how to make multicolor drip pots using your favorite colors! Sugru can be mixed to create new colours. These DIY faceted gem planters are perfect for adding some style to your garden or deck. DIY Wall Planter. Now I don’t spend a lot of money on planters and usually check thrift stores for canisters or other things I can turn into planters but this time I wanted to get a little crafty with a plastic nursery hanging planter. Thanks for the amazing content IPL 2020/>IPL 2020. They come in two colors (pink and purple), and are pretty cute on their own! Instead, you can follow Better Decorating Bible’s tutorial on how to cover your pots with fabric! So here’s the original $1 version: Not bad, but not exactly my style. 2. Break off pieces of the Sugru and roll them into balls, tubes or points. source: Carve drainage holes in the bottom of the container. Your options are limited only by your imagination! If you’d like a complex pattern on your pots, you don’t have to paint it on. I think I need something to bring a little joy to the mundane of daily life right now. This means that I may earn a small commission from some of the links in my posts. Planter Banter: A DIY Metal Planter Makeover in Under an Hour. I’m using one of my favourite products to add these details to my planters. Thanks for sharing this information it’s very useful for me. DIY Plywood Wrap Planters Made Easy with Gorilla Glue Mounting Tape. For more project ideas sign up the the Sugru newsletter and enjoy a 10% discount on your first order! 3. Wishing you a beautiful day filled with inspiration and Happy Painting friends! Luckily, it’s easy and inexpensive to decorate the plain pots you already have! Kim took a small plastic pot and created a shell pot! It’s easy to make the colours darker but much harder to make them lighter. 2.3k. You’re so smart. It’s a pretty simple project anyone can tackle, so hit up your friends who sew and go through their fabric scrap bins to find the perfect patterns! 2. Lots of great ideas, Manuela. Today I’ll be sharing another old planter makeover! The interesting fact about this planter is that the planter’s sides are made from reclaimed wood in a very playful chevron pattern. Wooden Planter Box DIY – Tea Caddy Makeover. Paint Yourself a Smile. Crafts by Amanda explains how to paint your own cute strawberry pots! Maybe it’s the spring weather but I’m craving more colour and can I say fun in my home decor! I LOVE this! How to Give Dollar Store Planter Stakes a Metal Makeover. Whether you want to decorate your terracotta flower pots or disguise disposable planters before giving herbs as a gift, we found dozens of adorable ideas that are also insanely easy. Which coincidentally crafting always is for me. This was actually a DIY I did a few weeks back but, didn’t get around to sharing it until now. House Numbers on Flower Potsfrom DIY Showoff Polka Dotted Tiered Plantersfrom Positively Splendid Address Flower Towerfrom Flickr Modern House Numbers DIYfrom A Beautiful Mess $10 DIY House Numbersfrom Remodelaholic DIY Address Number Wall Planterfrom Shanty 2 Chic DIY Address Postfrom Hello Farmhouse Address Number Post Planterfrom Shanty 2 Chic DIY House Numbers Signfrom Creativity Designs And they sound very easy to make, too! You have clearly explained thank you. 30 Adorable DIY Flower Pots Worthy of Displaying in Your Home These days terracotta pots are still popular, but more so as an easy starting point for a whole world of flower pot crafts . Living Room Before & After | The First Room Makeover in our New Home. This time I’m showing you how you can put it on show instead! Don’t these pots look lovely? I love unexpected garage sale finds like this tea caddy! I love transfer projects! Our Adventures in Home Improvement shows how to transfer an image onto your ordinary terra cotta pots! From DIY planters and container gardening ideas to raised garden beds and garden tool storage ideas, there’s a garden project here for everyone whether you are a beginner or an advanced gardener! Instead, you can follow Better Decorating Bible’s tutorial on how to cover your pots with fabric! « How I use my Samsung Dual Cook Flex Oven,, DIY Easy Planter Makeover | Fall For DIY | BuzzBos, DIY Planter Ideas: How to Build a Planter, Planter Makeovers, and Plant Stands, Make this Easy Letter Cake for any Celebration, How to Make an Easy Indoor Herb Wall Garden. Hii guys….this website is very interesting. I started with these cute bunny planter stakes. As a subscriber benefit you'll get access to our resource library! 1. Please see our Disclosure Page for more information. Posts may contain affiliate links. Sign up for our newsletter to stay up to date on all our new posts, plus our shop announcements. Press the gently onto the surface of the planter. You can see my $12 thrift challenge update – click here. And, bonus—she used DecoArt paints, which you know are my favorites! There are garden ideas for small spaces like patios and landscaping ideas for your front yard so you are bound to find a DIY project that fits your needs. A big thanks to DIY Show Off for the use of the fabulous chandelier planter photo in this post.

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