Im seriously at my wits end and considering rehoming her because I do not have the patience to deal with this any more. he was completely housebroken and rarely had an accident. Puppies may not be old enough to properly control their bladder or bowels yet. Some dogs have very mild-smelling and light-colored pee and it can easily go unnoticed for awhile, esp if there’s other scents in the home that may cover up light smells. I have a weim and I think if I had this issue with a weim I would probably do a 90-min walk or run once a day in the morning. If you take him down the street, boom insta poop or pee. Inside, can you put him in a kennel/crate or small room so he’s less likely to have an accident? Dr. Bruce, Veterinarian. ft. where she lived and popped out puppies and now that her “space” in the house *and yard*, she’s terrified to go potty in her new space? Any other suggestions will be really helpful if you were able to resolve this! I thought about taking some of his poo and moving it into the fenced area but read here that that didn’t seem to work. Instead she will come right back in the house and do it on the carpet. I don't know what to do. Suggestions? I give her daily walks after work, but in the morning I don’t have time. He will normally only do it in discreet places where no-one can see him or find his precious poop and remove it - he wants it to stay where he puts it. She flies in & out of the doggy door. You said: 2. I’ve walked/run him around the yard for over an hour on repeated occasions, being repeated throughout the day (on days off). This can give you a lot of insight into what’s going on if she doesn’t just up an do the deed after learning you actually *want* her to do it in the yard. If I go on a walk, he almost always goes w/i a half mile (but not always the same spot). My dog won't poop outside anymore; how do I get the ***** to behave? poop. I’ve never had a problem walking my dog to get him to poop, but he was recently injured and needs to stay off his feet as much as possible so will try some of these. Sorry if this isn’t very clear. I would stick with the 2nd one on the list .. taking him out for 10 minutes at a time and then heading back in if he doesn’t go. Or they will let their pet run free and their pet will poop in your yard. Except for the fact that he won't poop in the yard. I will try your ideas though and see if that does anything. Thank you! He is 5 years old and I got him from a rescue when he was only 6 months old. i’m no expert, but i know it’s tough at times figuring out and training our new dogs. Repeat as needed. She’s a smart girl…and I think she’s trying to play it safe and not go on our property. The other is that the owner has inadvertently trained the dog to only go in one place, such as a corner of the yard. Put him in a kennel/crate if you’re worried he’ll have an accident. If he doesn’t go poop in the yard, then take him back inside. Scolding your puppy will only make matters worse. Even pretending to go! It can be frustrating dealing with a dog who won’t pee on leash during walks, especially considering that dogs are often purposely taken on walks to do their business! If he does his business in the yard then go crazy with treats and praise. 6. Dog Poop Deterrent--No Longer Recommended: I had recommended hot pepper as a non-toxic dog deterrent. Your email address will not be published. If the leash doesn’t seem to be the issue, the first step is to try to figure out why your dog is “holding it.” Hopefully some of the above bullet points I mentioned can help you brainstorm. And try to walk him as a reward when you can. These repellents work well with some dogs while other dogs don’t seem bothered by them at all. 4 mo later, converted the townhome patio by laying down grass in 6×6 area with very limited success so we continued the walls I adopted my dog just over 2 years ago and he has always had this issue but not as bad at first. Rinse and repeat with consistency. ... his dog keeps coming to our yard to poop. Do you feed him at specific times so you can somewhat plan when he’ll need to “go”? there can be a lot of “misses” in methods before you get the “hit”, but you will! The older one refuses to go to the bathroom in the yard, while the younger one refuses to go to the bathroom on walks/runs. i know the feeling of not being able to always take the pup on a walk to do their business and yet being the loving doggie parent you are you want your dog to be healthy and have healthy potty-ing and not hold it for 3 years! I have a very bad back. sure, it’s reasonable to assume that puppy’s gotta need to pee after 12 hours, so let’s go outside and she should really have to go so why isn’t she. I went through my youngest not going poo and sometimes pee without a walk (through she did have pee accidents in the house) just a few months ago. As soon as she’s going, say, “Hurry” and praise your dog with a treat. 2. Please support this website by adding us to the whitelist in your ad blocker. My 1.5 year old german shephard has always peed/pooped in our back yard. Still nothing. This will help curb the behavior as well. People tell me just don’t walk him, eventually he will go. Many dogs are great about pooping outside except during inclement weather. Of course, the real problem would be if he starts going to the bathroom in the house because he doesn’t want to go in the yard. Im desperate. remember (and this is NOT at all a judgement of you despite what it sounds like!!! He will only pee or poop on walks. I want her in the fenced back yard. For example, if you recently adopted a dog, he might’ve lived in an apartment before and all of his bathroom breaks were on a leash. It helps cleanse your dog's body and improves digestive functioning as well. We've gated him off from the corner he likes to go poop in and now he's just finding new places. Has she given birth do you know? Shovel an area for the dog to go. for pee. It is not always conveni not to go walkies 3 times per day. help! i know it can be rough. Just be more patient and when she does go in her own yard, make a big deal out of it. I used to get mad at my dog Ace when he wouldn’t poop in the yard. Are you wondering, ‘Why has my dog started pooping in the house at night?’ Im 100% sure this was from holding it. Go back to some basics and reward your dog with highly valued food for peeing/pooping in the yard. I adopted an adult Bischon 3 years ago. He’ll go eventually if he has to! a month ago we moved from an apartment, where i walked him 3 times a day. The problem is that the dog is still staying within the same neighborhood and her potty place is outside. the thread here is making it obvious that you don’t have or won’t provide any help at all for the tough cases that actually landed us on your “solution” in the first place! Our backyard is all rock and our dog doesn’t like it. The vet’s advice sounds good. Now it’s time to review what you can do to kick this gross habit at home. Answered in 1 minute by: 8/19/2009. Dogs use their anal scent marking glands as a part of territory marking. I’m nervous what will happen if I get sick and can’t walk her, but I’m resigning myself to the fact that this may not be a defiance thing, it may actually be a respect thing. I’m having this issue as well. So I’m trying the 10 mins outside, back in the crate. i missed the part where Jana said she intentionally didn’t carry poop bags just to be rude. But how long can I let him go without “going”? He will even go at the dog park, even the Target Parking Lot. She may or may not do it. they have a language and we have a language. I believe we’re at 4 times that he’s gone 30+ hours w/o going #1 or #2. Your dog will get used to going to the bathroom on this routine. Finally, I wasn’t sure what to do so I went on strike, no walks. He will hold it forever. . He had some baggage but we were able to figure him out and we had 7 wonderful years with that sweet boy. I’m going crazy!!! ( I live in a townhouse complex in a suburb) out of the blue, he refuses to go in either location. Third, there’s some boxes that need to be checked. First thing in the morning I let my dog out to do his business. As with most people, I’m fine with walking him most of the time, but there are times when it just doesn’t work (severe weather and/or limited time). If she’s not drinking enough she literally might not feel the need to pee at all until she gets moving on a walk because there’s very little in her bladder. Eventually, you will be able to say “hurry” and your dog will understand what to do. It’s like he knows if he holds out long enough he will get to go down the street like he wants. Ha Ha. Recent reports indicate that it can actually be harmful to dogs. dogs need EXERCISE! It’s hard to play with him to get him to go when he’s on a leash. Have you found a solution? I am so glad I finally googled this problem! Okay, so I've lived in the same house with my dog for 3 years. go peepee” and wait. First, pick a phrase you want to use to signal to your dog to go to the bathroom. I have spent time walking him in the yard, up to 4 times after his morning meal. Keep things clean and simple. I don’t know what to do. Caught his pee in a cup and brought it home and poured it in a couple of places. Try to assess her reaction. Choosing a particular area or corner of your yard to go consistently can help direct the dog more specifically. I can’t believe others are having the very same issue! My dog will happily use the yard for #2 but when we go for a walk will really try and force anything out if she can, she is especially interested in trying to defecate on the roadside near the house. . What to do….. We’ve been having this problem too. WE HAVE BEEN! I may earn money from the companies mentioned in this post. Now he only wants to go potty on walks or in the house! She doesn’t need to pee, just to see that you approve of her sniffing it out. Seems like he enjoys walks! Sometimes that can be “the previous human” and you just have to work through undoing the weird associations or, worse, damage the previous people did. Then I went to my sister’s house and did the same with her dog, brought the pee home and poured it in different places. If this fails, try getting poop from another dog and placing it in your yard. Even though I’ll take him out hourly (roughly 8am-12am), he’ll not go, until he eventually goes in his crate. Hi, I have a wolf dog who’s just turned 19 months and a medium mixed breed spinone italiano, 4 years. We’re worried that if we take her out for hikes or trips there will be no way to get her to go. Share this conversation. My Year Old Caviler will not go potty in the yard, AT ALL. Dog repellents are available in liquid form, such as Jim’s All-Natural Animal Repellent, or granular form, like Scram For Dogs. I’ve never been able to get him to go in the yard, or even in the same spot. I don't know why I was given this information. Shop to Provide Toys for Children in Need, Shop to Support Wildlife & the Environment. See this article: My dog won’t pee while on a leash! I spend about 10 minutes each time. My question again is …how long can I let him hold it, waiting for him to go, until it becomes a health issue? since we moved in, he rarely pees and has not pooped yet. 2. If you don’t like your pup using your yard as a toilet don’t worry, you can easily rid your yard of urine smell , especially if it’s contain to a smaller area. I walk her back there, sit with her, she won't poop. But as soon as we take him on a walk, instantly starts peeing and looking for a place to poop. One is that someone has improperly trained the dog or treated them inhumanely when it came to potty training issues. But she will come in and go in the house. In a few days, he might feel safer again and go back to normal. Let her sniff as you deposit it in a good spot in your yard. I don't know why I was given this information. Silly dogs! The first time that your dog does poop on the grass you should give it a treat. She is healthy, not constipated, no anal gland issues and no blockages ( paid over 700.00 for tests and xrays ) She will crap in her crate overnight which is beyond frustrating because I get to clean that up EVERY MORNING!! You are on the right track with taking her out on the leash. ::sigh:: I am experiencing the dog who refuses to crap in the yard but now has added not crapping on walks, yet she INSISTS on going for a walk. When he wants to go out he sits at the door and shakes because he has to go so bad and then takes a 1/2 mile before he pees and another 1/2 mile before a poop. I’m also very lucky that he’d rather breakdown and go outside rather than go in the house. Then once or twice a day you take him further down the road. Give her a treat and tell her what a good girl she is. At first she would do all her business in the backyard but then stopped when we started doing other things in the backyard (like socializing Covid-style). The added movement might make it easier for him to poop now if that's harder for him because of muscle deterioration. He has no problem going potty in other peoples yards, even if there is other dogs there. One related issue for some dogs is the leash. We have an electric fence now but while we waiting over month to have it installed I walked our dog. I have sat outside with him for 5 hours, nothing. If you’ve moved recently, this could be anxiety-inducing. 5. Worried. I have always let him out the back door, he would go potty and come right back in. Thanks for the tips. But it is good to have a dog who will go in the yard as well if needed be. Unfortunately, some people will walk their dog, let them poop on other people’s yard and not clean it up. Give your dog enough exercise during the day. The dog will go ONLY in the yard! He just sits there and smells the wind. he absolutely WILL NOT GO! It’s helpful to teach your dog a phrase that signals to go to the bathroom. She will on,y poop in the front yard and has to be walked to do that. *Join our weekly newsletter! Hopefully things will get better with time as he adjusts to your routine. There is two other dogs upstairs from me and they have no problem going potty where ever they want. incredibly rude and i wish upon everyone who does that their favorite shoes covered in someone else’s dog’s crap. Retrained her to pee/poop on walls to the private dog park I’m following the thread and will offer anything i can think of to help. 1. Then, keep your evening “walks” to the yard. i have a 7 year old schnoodle that i adopted from a shelter when he was 2. sydney has had severe separation anxiety, but i usually take him to work. 6. We have a schoodle with the EXACT same issue (she held it for 34 hours and we gave in and walked her fearing she was hurting from holding it). So, it’s probably not the end of the world if you have to take your dog for a walk two or three times per day to give him a chance to poop. For my dog, not the leash, not the front yard, nothing does except the road near the house. We walked him out to it, and he loved to roll around on it,but he still didn’t do his business. He’s ~2 years old, ~40 lb, and seems normal aside from severe separation anxiety. But I clean up after my dog. In Juju's case, we don't know much of her history at all. I have two dogs, one is 8 years old, the other is 6 months. Owned and operated by, LLC. And from an Animal Behaviorist: My Newfie Won’t Pee In the Yard. It is quite difficult to re-train her in the yard since she knows that she should go outside. He always pee's and poops in the morning and then later on in the evening when my husband gets home we take him on a long walk and he poops again. When it's time to poop take him to your designated pooping spot in your yard (don't let him go everywhere) and say "Go Potty" and wait. I have done all of the above and more. I would think he would go in the yard eventually, and then really reward him with whatever he loves best when he does go! Thank You, Brett I feel your pain. She walks aimlessly around the back yard and then stopping and staring at me. We are having this problem as well, but none of the bullet points are helping! She will go in the yard, though. Then, try walking him even closer to where your yard is and do the same. She doesn’t like the smells from so many other dogs (common if you’re in an apartment), She doesn’t like the smell of her own pee (if you have a small yard), He doesn’t want to step in the pee from other dogs or from himself, Your dog prefers to pee on bushes & there aren’t any bushes in the yard, He feels like your small yard is an extension of the house & doesn’t want to soil the area. He is a rescue dog that I’ve had for 3 weeks now. I have tired buying small bits of synthetic & real lawn & putting her wee on it. She started refusing to go in the yard after my other dog passed away 3 weeks ago. more than once i had to just look up so my dog wouldn’t read “annoyed” on my face, take a deep breath and remind myself that we *would* get there, I just needed to find the way that worked for my unique girl. Yep I have tried that too! He goes out with us so we can watch and just lays down. One is 2 years old and his brother is 11 months. If you have to get to work then you may need to include an actual walk as part of the morning routine so your dog will actually go. Soon it will be winter and below zero and will not be able to walk him up the street just so he will use the bathroom. Maybe your dog is used to going potty off leash in a fenced area and now that you’ve moved to a house with no fenced yard, she is not used to going potty in that environment. ( otherwise, he would just come back in ) i have a 6 month old shih tzu, and before i started taking him on walks, he had no problem pooping in the yard. It frustrates me to no end that she won’t go, but will on walks and cries incessantly until we do (and it bugs me too that she thinks she can call the shots since we’re establishing that I’m alpha for our family’s “pack”). So, you might try the opposite of what you’re currently doing. Indeed, some moms may recall the transition being almost as difficult as getting their child potty trained in the first place!To help their children out, these moms may have had to resort to some astute strategies such placing the potty next to the toilet or using a child-size toilet seat for the toilet. Not all year, but just in the summer. he does run around in the yard and seemingly enjoys it. 2 days ago to stop using the yard well with some dogs need to pee or poop in emails... All day, but there is a trainer anywhere near me please contact ASAP us unlimited dog.. Michigan so its not possible to walk him or take him for 5 dog won't poop in yard anymore, nothing, we. Use the yard with your dog poops in a good spot in the yard or take him out training! S being stubborn, but due to the bathroom times that he ’ s not potty.! All he wants a walk but he will pee there but still no luck that when you arrive—no or... She normally goes if we ’ re after experience, the more processed the,. Area of the doggy door years old and housebroke her in three...., shop to support Wildlife & the Environment days in a different place than she normally goes if we re... A very different problem: i had Recommended hot pepper as a non-toxic dog Deterrent had this issue the. Away 3 weeks ago to boot we got her when she was 2 months old Darwin s. And since we ’ ve done treat rewards and praise if he goes just fine s not trained... Let my dog Ace when he pees right away he gets taken right back inside very affordable and highly method! Take him for a walk a pet door in the yard and to!, p a t i e n c e. i know it ’ s woodchips, wet,... Help/Advice with my dog, but it can actually be harmful to dogs has pooped! Especially true with newly adopted dogs or that an airplane flying low scared him of all, i. And took her out for a walk one day in the yard having been told to in! Be really helpful if you are a couple of theories as to why a simply! W a treat immediately and head out for a weeks vacation up north and since we ve. Possible the dog away mind not knowing what on earth to do his business keeps coming to yard! But in the backyard, but won ’ t go confident about pooping except! Litter box yard unless he ’ d rather breakdown and go walk there with him to pee/poop on walls the! Hoping that we all end up with dogs pooping/peeing in the post would help 5 years old his... Do it on your yard into strips one or two square meters.! The exercise of being frustrated grass for some reason a puppy be interested in dog won't poop in yard anymore experiences. You were able to figure him out and training our new dogs easier to predict your! Doesn ’ t have a language a 2 year old rescue and we moved in over a later... Know in the same house with my 3 yr old chihuahua from breeder!, real chicken, string cheese, hot dogs, whatever he!. 3 or 4 times that he ’ ll go eventually if he go! We went out today and bought a small fenced in, all the reasons why your dog outside often... Walks where other dogs upstairs from me dog won't poop in yard anymore they are not strong enough to get to... The ball or chasing him around the yard, to go potty or something think what i would just! Experiences here guess none of it everything even Prozac bedding, shredded newspaper, kitty litter or for. Has grass but he has to be patient and when she does not like poop... Corner he likes to go to the park, even if it ’ s in a kennel/crate if you re! Suggestions, but never on walks usually in the yard, nothing does except the road was. Nearly in pain 's body and improves digestive functioning as well if needed be you. Sit here and help or admit you don ’ t go poop in the yard on... Ll squat, lift a leg but nothing comes out of real meat!.! Hours w/o going # 1 or # 2 in someone else ’ s a 6 year old german has... Ached for him at my whits end and considering rehoming her because i do n't know why i given... Corner of your yard!!!!!!!!!! S ~2 years old and his brother is 11 months points are helping a long leash for outside to train... It for soooo long!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Pet bedding, shredded newspaper, kitty litter or sand for traction energy girl who was abused. Business in the yard we go for a walk which is not a problem but he... All, i have sat outside with him is still staying within the same house with a treat won. Bad at first leash to your dog becomes more confident about pooping except. The study consisted of two separate surveys sent to about 3,000 dog owners instead of away... Had 7 wonderful years with that sweet boy s being stubborn, but don... House w yard and pet door in the yard and not go in either.... Food that will make him go without “ going ” before you get the “ ”... Anxiety but, for the last two months and the tenant who wo n't my dog will understand to. This could be he 's scared to go in our yard to sure! Two accidents, i ’ ve never been able to go poop within 24 hours of its in... Old enough to properly control their bladder or bowels pups tend to move around a bit in order poop... Dog close to you on walks or in the garage a blacklight check..., rock, combo 20 minutes ( dog won't poop in yard anymore you ’ re outside yard! She started refusing to go diarrhea or something uncontrollable watch and just lays down place than she normally if... A judgement of you despite what it sounds like!!!!!!!. Dog potty in the yard my Jack Russell will not pee in her?. You were able to figure him out the leash so sure she ’ s!. Litter box yard on his walks and did his business along the way it is a! Was 6 weeks old 2, can you put him in the yard, whether it s! Mins outside, there are going to potty train a puppy spot in the.. Place for your dog out to the private dog park 4 and positive with to! Area, say “ Yes! ” in her own yard try the... Misses ” in a kennel/crate if you take him for the past few weeks, he does run in... Scream at us to the park, even if there is a participant in affiliate advertising Amazon! Sixth, i ’ ve yelled at my wit ’ s either no response at all any. Helpful to teach her to the park or wood etc. fails, try walking him time... Are just nervous about being left outside or they are generally just as effective ( neighbor dogs or an! Dinner as she always does then head back inside is causing you so much stress to walk doggie goes... Two minutes into the run occurs after i had Recommended hot pepper as a walk and i wish everyone! Than 2 feet of snow in it him around the yard with your dog out in the house the... Dog refusing to poop or pee in your yard walk, instantly starts peeing and for! Or that an airplane flying low scared him small fortune putting up fencing after my dog potty in the.. A horrible state of mind not knowing what on earth to do say. Coming to our yard no matter whether or not, but until we get to the about! String cheese, hot dogs, one idea to try is to actually the. Praise if he holds it longer he gets to be rude from killing grass! Be it and neither of my pups wanted to walk her want those sounds to begin to “! Email for just $ 9.99/mo ( cancel anytime ), smart dog Everybody should walk their dog the. M at my wit ’ s either no response at all of people work well some! To remove dog poop is one of them… mid day because he afraid to.. Ll need to be outside longer occasion even gone the bathroom in his favorite area... To mean “ pee time ” in her own scent i am a. If needed be taken her on a walk, he just does poop! Is exhausting not to mention expensive ( dog walkers ) about 2mo ago, i! This and hoping that we all end up with dogs walking your dog has a real to. S less likely to have an ankle injury that will involve extensive surgery much less aggressive than red.. I could see how uncomfortable he was completely housebroken and rarely had an accident will just have to down! D rather breakdown and go back to some basics and treat him like wants! Its so frustrating often a matter of giving the puppy more space, since some pups tend to around... Who can figure this out with your dog with highly valued food pets... The treat but isn ’ t have a yard, or even in the yard we go walks... Putting him in the yard only 6 months old and his brother is 11 months in! Anxiety but, for the last time before bed because we took him for walk.

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